JAMB Biology Questions and Answers for 2022/2023 (CBT)

JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers for 2022/2023 (CBT)

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has its styles of asking questions in biology and know-how the styles and the important thing subjects in Biology could assist you carry out well.

Tips to Score High in Jamb Biology Questions

Study Intensively: It isn’t anyt any doubt that analyzing difficult could make you excel in any examination. You can see take a look at hints right here to stroll you thru.

Eliminate Fear and examination Fever: Fear is one of the matters that makes college students rating low in Jamb exams. Have the self belief that you could do it and rating extra than each different candidate. Put to your nice and go away the relaxation for God.

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Having stated that, let’s circulate to the principle commercial enterprise which Jamb questions and solutions.


Today’s JAMB Biology Practice Questions and Answers

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Note: The questions and solutions beneath are for practice.


1. In the angiosperm, the sieve tube contributors are residing non-nucleated, however they may be generally followed via way of means of


A. Cork cambium


B. Phloem rays


C. Vascular cambium


D. Companion cells


ANSWER: D (partner cells)


2. Abscisic acid is a chemical that prepares vegetation for


A. ripening fruits


B. emergence of seedling


C. for leaf fall


D. reproduction


ANSWER: C (leaf fall)


3. In any population, any particular allele will mutate at one time or another, generally to a non-purposeful or dangerous shape. The share of gametes wearing new mutant alleles of a given locus is called


A. the mutation rate


B. the choice coefficient


C. the relative fitness


D. the deadly genotype


ANSWER: D (deadly genotype)


4. In Mosses, the saprophyte era is especially outstanding generating spores in a cone like


A. gametophyte


B. strobilus


C. antheridium


D. archegonium


ANSWER: B (strobilus)


5. When osmotic acid is boiled with an answer of meals substances, it gave a shade black precipitate displaying the presence of


A. Fats and oil


B. proteins


C. amino acids


D. starch


ANSWER: A (fats and oil)


6. vegetation tailored to existence in salty march are recognized as


A. hydrophytes


B. xerophytes


C. halophytes


D. epiphytes


ANSWER: C (halophytes)


7. A circulatory gadget that doesn’t permit blending of oxygenated blood withinside the mammalian coronary heart is cited as


A. open


B. haemocoelic


C. single


D. closed


ANSWER: D (closed)


eight In a pyramid of numbers, it’s far not unusualplace to have with the smallest of individual


A. secondary consumers


B. tertiary consumers


C. number one consumers


D. number one producers


ANSWER: B (tertiary consumers)


9. One of those animal businesses include acoelomate member


A. Mollusca


B. Coelenterata


C. Arthropoda


D. reptilian


ANSWER: B (Coelenterata)


10. A flower that has each stamen and pistil is stated to be


A. best


B. imperfect


C. pistillate


D. staminate.


ANSWER: A (best flower)


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11. Sting cells are commonly discovered in


A. flatworm


B. Hydra


C. Snails


D. Paramecium


ANSWER: B (hydra)


12. The annulus of fern sporangium allows in


A. spore dispersal


B. conduction of mineral salt


C. trapping of mild strength


D. water retention


ANSWER: A (spore dispersal)


13. The breathing organ withinside the land snail is


A. Radula


B. mantle


C. tentacle


D. foot


ANSWER: B (mantle)


14. The gill rakers of fishes participate in


A. feeding


B. respiration


C. swimming


D. diffusion


ANSWER: A (feeding)


15. The detail not unusualplace to protein, carbohydrate, and lipid is


A. hydrogen


B. sulphur


C. Nitrogen


D. phosphorous


ANSWER: A (hydrogen)


16. Which of the subsequent is a plant excretory product?


A. Oil


B. cytokinin


C. resin


D. amino acid


ANSWER: C (resin)


17. Epigeal germination may be discovered in


A. sorghum


B. maize


C. millet


D. groundnut


ANSWER: D (groundnut)


18. Which of the subsequent characters is NOT sex-linked


A. River blindness


B. Baldness


C. Haemophilia


D. Colour blindness


ANSWER: A (river blindness)


19. Which of the subsequent sicknesses may be avoided via way of means of inoculation?


A. Syphilis


B. malaria fever


C. tuberculosis


D. obtained immune deficiency syndrome


ANSWER: C (tuberculosis)


20. Nitrogen-solving micro-organism in leguminous vegetation stay symbiotically withinside the


A. root nodules


B. faucet roots


C. department roots


D. root hairs


ANSWER: A (root nodules)


21. Frogs and toads are categorised collectively withinside the vertebrate elegance as?


A. Aves


B. Reptiles


C. Amphibians



D. mammalian


ANSWER: C (Amphibians)


22. Blood clotting is helped via way of means of


A. Na+


B. K+


C. Ca2+


D. Mg2+


ANSWER: C (Ca2+ )


23. On storage, the beauty of corn is lost. This is due to the fact


A. polysaccharide is reconverted into soluble sugar


B. awareness of sugar will increase because of storage


C. conversion of sugar to polysaccharide


D. enzymes answerable for the conversion are destroyed


ANSWER: A (polysaccharide is reconverted into soluble sugar)



24. One of those arthropods is a provider of viruses and different micro-organisms


A. termite


B. Ant


C. Bee


D. flea


ANSWER: D (flea)


25. The enzyme answerable for curdling of milk in toddlers is called


A. pepsin


B. renin


C. trypsin


D. urease


ANSWER: B (renin)


26. In mammals, the feature of sebaceous gland is to


A. produce sweat


B. produce an oily substance


C. secrete water


D. secrete sodium


ANSWER: B (produce an oily substance)


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27. motion and positions of the top in guy are detected via way of means of the


A. Cochlea


B. Malleus


C. Utriculus


D. semicircular canals


ANSWER: D (semi-round canals)


28. The maize grain is fruit and now no longer a seed due to the fact it


A. has a massive endosperm


B. is shaped from an ovary


C. is a monocotyledon


D. has no plumule and radicals


ANSWER: B (is shaped from an ovary)


29. The man or woman via way of means of which an organism is identified is named its


A. phenotype


B. genotype


C. anatomy


D morphology


ANSWER: A (phenotype)


30. In mammals, stimulus is transferred from the receptor to the vital fearful gadget thru the


A. moto neurons


B. effector muscle


C. dendrites


D. sensory neurons


ANSWER: D (sensory neurons)


31. Germinations which bring about cotyledons being introduced above floor is called?


A. hypocotyls


B. epicotyls


C. epigeal


D. hypogeal


ANSWER: C (epigeal)


32. Which of the meals chains are the suitable sequences?


A. weeds, tadpoles, beetle, guy


B. weeds, tadpoles, fish, beetle, guy


C. tadpoles, beetles, weeds, guy, fish


D. guy, fish, beetles, weeds


ANSWER: B ( weeds, tadpoles, fish, beetle, guy)


33. The number one and secondary hosts respectively of bilharzia are


A. fish and guy


B. guy and dog


C. snail and guy


D. guy and snail


ANSWER: D (guy and snail)


34. The starting place of mineral debris withinside the seed is


A. humus


B. water


C. micro-organism


D. natural matter


ANSWER: D (natural matter)


35. The preliminary extent of water in bag of dry soil become 50ml and the quantity that tired thru become 35ml, the proportion water content material of the absolutely soak soil is therefore


A. 46.7


B. 25.0


C. 20.0


D. 30.0


ANSWER: D ( 30%)


36. From the subsequent listing of styles of mutation, become aware of the only that isn’t hereditary


A. genetic mutation


B. somatic mutation


C. germinal mutation


D. gametic mutation


ANSWER: B (somatic mutation)


37. In a cell, digestive enzymes usually arise in


A. ribosomes


B. lysosomes


C. mitochondria


D. plastids




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ANSWER: B (lysosomes)


38. which of the subsequent habitats shape the best range of residing species?


A. tropical rain forest


B. savannah grassland


C. desert


D. tropical forests


ANSWER: A (tropical rainforest)


39. Lack of protein withinside the weight loss program of kids appear effortlessly due to the fact


A. kids do now no longer keep up protein efficiently


B. it’s far tough for kids to chunk meat


C. protein substances strength to the body


D. protein is answerable for increase and repairs


ANSWER: D ( protein is answerable for increase and repairs )


40. Growth reaction of a plant to mild gradient is understood as


A. nastic motion


B. geotropism


C. hydrotropism


D. phototropism


ANSWER: D (phototropism)


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