NECO Accounting Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

NECO Accounting Questions and Answers 2022. I will be showing you NECO Financial Accounting objective and theory questions for free. You will also understand how NECO Accounting questions are set and many more examination details.

NECO Accounting Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)NECO Accounting Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

The National Examinations Council (NECO) is an examination body in Nigeria that directs and conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January individually.
NECO Accounting answers and questions Objectives and Essay will be given here exhaustively and the credibility of this NECO 2022 Financial Accounting answers for questions have been tried and affirmed no doubt.

NECO Accounting Essay And Objective Questions and Answers 2022 (EXPO)

The 2022 NECO Financial Accounting exhibition will be posted here during the NECO Accounting assessment. Continue checking and reloading this page for the answer

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Today’s NECO Accounting OBJ Answers:







Section A

(Answer Only TWO Questions)


Capital consumption might be depicted as expense bringing about the expansion or procurement of a resource or expansion in the acquiring limit of a business WHILE Revenue use is such cost as is fundamental for the support of procuring limit, remembering the upkeep of the proper resources for a completely productive state, and the typical absolute associated with selling, including the expense of labor and products of the business to which it relates.


(I) Purchases day book or diary

Source archive: Incoming solicitations.

(ii) Sales day book or diary

Source archive: Outgoing solicitations.

(iii) Returns outwards book

Source archive: Incoming credit notes.

(iv) Sales brings book back

Source archive: Credit notes conveyed.

(v) Cash book

Source record: Incoming checks.


(Pick Any Three)

(I) Active accomplice

(ii) Dormant(sleeping) accomplice

(iii) Nominal accomplice

(iv) Limited accomplices

(v) General accomplice


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Public area Accounting is the process for bookkeeping that includes recording, conveying, summing up, dissecting and deciphering the fiscal summaries and insights of Government in total and subtleties. It manages the receipts, care, payment and delivering of stewardship on open assets depended”.


(I) Public area bookkeeping is the bookkeeping of monetary archives which is expected to be revealed to the general population by the individual or enterprise WHILE Private area bookkeeping is the bookkeeping of monetary data of the organization where the bookkeeper is utilized for the most part for the inside administrator.

(ii) Private area involves business which is claimed, oversaw and constrained by people. WHILE public area includes different business endeavors possessed and oversaw by Government.



Account deals: Account deals is an assertion determining the cost at which the products are sold, the commission acquired by the proctor, the costs brought about by the representative for the benefit of the transfer and the net equilibrium for which the recipient is at risk. It is ready by the proctor and doesn’t have a fixed or indicated design.


Proctor: representative is the substance who is monetarily dependable (the purchaser) for the receipt of a shipment. On the off chance that a shipper dispatches a thing to a collector by means of a conveyance administration, the source is the sender, the beneficiary is the representative, and the deliverer is the transporter.


Work underway: Work in progress is a creation and inventory network the executives term depicting somewhat completed merchandise anticipating culmination. Work in Progress alludes to the unrefined substances, work, and upward expenses brought about for items that are at different phases of the creation interaction. Work In Progress is a part of the stock resource account on the asset report.


Cost of Production:

Cost of creation alludes to the complete expense brought about by a business to deliver a particular amount of an item or proposition an assistance. Creation expenses might incorporate things like work, natural substances, or consumable supplies. The expense of creation is characterized as the consumptions caused to get the elements of creation like work, land, and capital, that are required in the creation interaction of an item.


Standard offer: Ordinary offer is a value instrument subordinate to any remaining value classes. The holder of a normal offer takes an interest in an element’s benefits solely after any remaining kinds of offers have partaken. There might be more than one class of conventional offers. The proprietor of standard offers can decide on an assortment of corporate issues, for example, the appointment of board individuals and whether the business ought to be sold.



Control account is a record which contains the charge and credit aggregates of different records, and is utilized to get ready fiscal reports. A control account is a rundown account, where sections are produced using sums of exchanges for a period.


(I) Sales record (Receivables) control Account.

(ii) Purchases Ledger (payables) Control Account.


(Pick any four)

(I) Control account work with assignment of obligations among the debt holders and banks agents.

(ii) Control account distinguish and forestall blunders and cheats in the clients and providers account

(iii) It serves to speeds up the arrangement of definite records

(iv) It Provide for arithmetical beware of the postings made in the singular records

(v) Removes massive subtleties from the overall record.


The inquiries beneath are not by and large 2022 NECO Financial Accounting questions and answers yet logical NECO Accounting rehashed questions and replies.

These inquiries are stringently for training. The 2022 NECO Accounting exhibition will be posted on this page upon the arrival of the NECO Accounting assessment. Continue checking and reloading this page for the responses.

1. The official liable for learning whether all open use and appointment are on schedule with the supported rule is the

A. Leaser

B. Clerk

C. Evaluator General

D. Treasurer

Reply: C (Auditor General)

2. The money premise of bookkeeping requires the acknowledgment of income just when they are

A. conveyed

B. recorded

C. lost

D got

See: NECO Book Keeping Questions and Answers

Reply: D (Received)

3. Obligation bookkeeping is especially worried about

A. variable expense

B. fixed cost

C. controllable expenses

D. wild expenses

Reply: C (Controllable expenses)

4. Profit per share is a proportion of

A. misfortune

B. benefit

C. pay

D. consumption

Reply: B (Profitability)


How To Pass NECO Financial Accounting Examination

The National Examination Council (NECO) is a body accountable for the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. The Certificate presented here is a vital accreditation that honors or affirms the finish of your Secondary School Education.

It is a significant report that qualifies you into any tertiary foundation and is similarly a central point influencing confirmation today.

Hence, every Student planning for this assessment NECO 2022 is getting ready for something extraordinary.

Care should be taken while taking part in this assessment in other not to emerge with awful grades. Coming up next are the critical responses to NECO Accounting 2022.

1.Be Determined to Pass
The NECO 2022 Accounting is predominantly for the individuals who have decided to pass it with a passing mark.

Any up-and-comer who, now, has not made up their brain to make the phenomenal grade in the approaching NECO 2022 Accounting is really not prepared to pass.

Your brain should be prepared for the errand ahead, don’t follow sluggish companions who have faith in a marvel upon the arrival of the tests, remain positive and review your books.

2. Have fearlessness
The fact that affects a competitor’s presentation makes valor another variable. Guarantee to do everything without anyone else and all that will come out exceptionally straightforward for you.

It’s undeniably true that numerous understudies drop the right responses just to duplicate some unacceptable ones on account of an absence of fearlessness. Study and implore hard and you are the marvel for the afternoon.

3. Begin Studying Early
Considering is vital in your life as an understudy. NECO is an exceptionally basic Exam to manage insofar as studies are involved. Examining is a certain something and concentrating on time is something else totally.

Try not to hang tight for the NECO 2022 Accounting test to be so close before you begin reading up for it. Late planning won’t actually help you. Whenever you begin concentrating on ahead of schedule there will be the ideal opportunity for you to modify before the tests.

4. Make Use the NECO 2022 Syllabus
Utilizing the NECO 2022 prospectus is exceptionally fundamental as it will direct you on significant points to cover. Considering without the Syllabus will make you center around superfluous points that won’t show up in the tests.

Likewise, the majority of the Accounting subjects you have not done in class are there in the NECO schedule.

5. Pray to God Your maker
Many figure that they can do it in isolation without God. The Almighty God is your maker, look for His help and He won’t ever neglect to help you. Your confidence in God decides your prosperity. God is there for you, call upon Him.

6. Stick to tests directions.
Any understudy who isn’t prepared to stick to the assessment conducts is wanting to come up short. Most of NECO Candidates that have their outcomes held are from those that were not prepared to adhere to the Exam guidelines.

7. Utilize Your Time Wisely.
It’s undeniably true that NECO Accounting requires a great deal of time, deal with the brief period given to you admirably. Consider the quantity of inquiries you are to address and the time given with the goal that you can time carefully.

8. Be reliable to the assessment scene
Timeliness matters during the tests. Go to the test scene early so your cerebrum can agree to the errand. Hurrying to the test lobby will make you unsound for the test and can inclined you to such countless slip-ups.

Invest in some opportunity to go through the test question paper before you begin replying. NECO Accounting Questions and Answers

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