NECO Agric Practical Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Complete Solution)

NECO Agric Practical Questions and Answers 2022. Many NECO candidates find it difficult to answer the NECO Agriculture Practical Questions correctly due to not understanding the questions. I will show you the best way to answer NECO Agric Science Practical questions and make a good grade in your Agricultural Science examination 2022.

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You need to understand the NECO Agriculture Practical marking scheme before attempting any question so as to present your answers in such a way that it will look alluring to the examiner to empower you to earn huge marks.

Remember that each and every strategy is granted marks. Along these lines, ensure you don’t avoid any step while reporting and presenting your practical outcomes. Also remember to recollect that flawless drawing and labelling are vital.

You will be expected to complete an analysis and report your perception (observations).

What you will see won’t be a long way from the NECO Agric Specimen given to your school.

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The above questions are strictly for practice, not the 2022 NECO Agriculture practical expo.

NECO Agric Practical Answers 2022 (EXPO)

Note: The 2022 NECO Practical Agriculture answers (expo) will be posted here during the NECO Agric Practical exam. Keep checking and reloading this page to know when the answers are posted. Do not forget to reload this page in order to see the answers.

Be patient while waiting in case the answers arrive behind schedule.

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Today’s NECO Practical Agricultural Science Answers. (2021 Answers)


Specimen A – Measuring Tape.

Specimen B – Gunter’s Chain.

Specimen C – Ranging Pole.

Specimen D – Peg.


(I) Make sure the chain isn’t flawed before use.

(ii) Avoid blunder of parallax while understanding estimations.

(iii) All chains, tapes, ropes e.t.c. should be appropriately alligned prior to taking estimations.


(Specimen A)

(I) It is utilized in taking nitty gritty estimations.

(ii) It is utilized for taking the length, expansiveness and stature of a farmland.

(Specimen C)

(I) It is utilized for checking stations.

(ii) It is likewise utilized for making straight lines.

(Specimen D)

(I) It is utilized during affixing for separating chain lengths as estimated.

(ii) It is additionally utilized for checking stations.

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Specimen E – Sandy Soil.

Specimen F – Urea Fertilizer.


(I) Sandy Soil is coarse, grained and dirty.

(ii) It isn’t tacky, when wet. Subsequently, it can’t frame a cast or strip.


(I) By Planting Cover Crops.

(ii) Application Of Compost Manure.

(iii) Mulching the dirt.


(I) By Broadcasting.

(ii) Folial Spray.


(I) It lessens the exercises of soil miniature organic entities.

(ii) It causes diminished development/yield of harvests.


0.02mm – 2.0mm.

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Specimen G – Paddy Rice.

Specimen H – Cassava Tuber.

Specimen I – Palm Fruit.


(Specimen G)

(I) Sun Drying.

(ii) Threshing.

(iii) Winnowing.

(Specimen H)

(I) Peeling.

(ii) Soaking.

(iii) Fermentation.

(Specimen I)

(I) Boiling/Cooking.

(ii) Pounding.

(iii) Grinding.


(I) Weeding.

(ii) Fertilizer Application.

(iii) Pest and Diseases(Removing).


Specimen J – Fresh Milk.

Specimen K – Eggs.

Specimen L – Hides and Skin.


(I) Prepare an appropriate draining region/Ensure the environmental elements are kept clean.

(ii) Equipment should be appropriately.


(I) Holstein/Friesian.

(ii) South Devon.


(I) Temperature.

(ii) Relative Humidity.

(iii) Ventilation (Air Flow).

(iv) Egg Turning.


(I) Dehaired.

(ii) Degreased.

(iii) Desalted.

How To Pass NECO Agric Practical Examination

The National Examination Council (NECO) is a body accountable for the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. The Certificate presented here is a vital accreditation that honors or ensures the fulfillment of your Secondary School Education.

It is a significant archive that qualifies you into any tertiary foundation and is similarly a main consideration influencing confirmation today.

Consequently, every Student getting ready for this examination NECO 2022 is planning for something incredible.

Care should be taken while partaking in this assessment in other not to emerge with terrible grades. Coming up next are the vital responses to NECO Agric Practical 2022.

1. Be Determined to Pass
The NECO 2022 Agric Practical is basically for the people who have decided to pass it with a passing mark.

Any up-and-comer who, now, has not made up their brain to make the phenomenal grade in the approaching NECO 2022 Agric Practical is really not prepared to pass.

Your psyche should be prepared for the errand ahead, don’t follow sluggish companions who trust in a supernatural occurrence upon the arrival of the tests, remain positive and review your books.

2. Have fearlessness
Fearlessness is another element that influences a competitor’s presentation. Guarantee to do everything without anyone else and all that will come out exceptionally basic for you.

It’s obviously true that numerous understudies drop the right responses just to duplicate some unacceptable ones in view of an absence of fearlessness. Study and implore hard and you are the marvel for the afternoon.

3. Begin Studying Early
Examining is vital in your life as an understudy. NECO is an exceptionally basic Exam to manage insofar as studies are involved. Contemplating is a certain something and concentrating on time is something else totally.

Try not to hang tight for the NECO 2022 Geography tests to be so close before you begin reading up for them. Late planning won’t actually help you. At the point when you begin concentrating on right on time there will be the ideal opportunity for you to change before the tests.

4. Make Use the NECO 2022 Syllabus
Utilizing the NECO 2022 prospectus is extremely fundamental as it will direct you on significant points to cover. Contemplating without the Syllabus will make you center around superfluous themes that won’t show up in the tests.

Likewise, the vast majority of the Geography points you have not done in class are there in the NECO schedule.

5. Implore God Your maker
Many figure that they can do it isolated without God. The Almighty God is your maker, look for His help and He won’t ever neglect to help you. Your confidence in God decides your prosperity. God is there for you, call upon Him.

6. Stick to tests guidelines.
Any understudy who isn’t prepared to stick to the assessment conducts is intending to fall flat. Most of NECO Candidates that have their outcomes held are from those that were not prepared to adhere to the Exam directions.

7. Utilize Your Time Wisely.
It’s undeniably true that NECO Geography map-perusing needs a great deal of time, deal with the brief period given to you admirably. Consider the quantity of inquiries you are to address and the time given with the goal that you can time carefully.

8. Be timely to the assessment setting
Reliability matters during the tests. Go to the test scene early with the goal that your cerebrum can agree to the errand. Racing to the test lobby will make you unsteady for the test and can inclined you to such countless missteps.

Invest in some opportunity to go through the test question paper before you begin replying. NECO Geography Questions and Answers

Assuming you have any inquiries regarding the 2022 NECO Agric Practical, compassionately let us know in the remark (Comment) box.

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