NECO Agric Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

NECO Agric Questions and Answers 2022. I will be showing you the NECO Agricultural Science objective and theory questions for free. You will also understand how NECO Agric questions are set and many more examination details.

NECO Agric Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

The National Examination Council is an examination body that set questions every year from areas student should, after their studies in senior secondary school, be able to write and pass without pressure.

NECO Agric Science answers and questions Objectives and Essay will be given here and the realness of this NECO 2022 Agric answers for questions has been tried and affirmed certainly.

NECO Agric Essay And Objective Questions and Answers 2022 (EXPO)

The NECO Agric Science answers will be posted here during the NECO Agriculture test (Exam).

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Ranch automation is the use of designing standards and innovation in rural production, storage and handling. Ranch automation is pertinent to land arrangement, planting, compost application, weeding and crop collecting, raising, mindful and taking care of animals as well as handling and capacity of homestead produce, utilizing fitting ranch apparatus.


(Pick any four)

(I) Small ranch holding or land discontinuity or land residency framework doesn’t allow motorization

(ii)The cultivating frameworks presently rehearsed don’t energize automation

(iii)There is no frontage road for machines

(iv)High running expenses of apparatus puts automation down

(v)Machines or carries out are costly to buy

(vi)Machines are expensive to keep up with.

(vii)There is lacking expansion administrations or instruction for ranchers

(viii)Inadequate capital or credit offices.


(i)Application of manures

(ii)By utilizing ranch machines


(Pick Any Two)

(i)It give compact water to the rustic individuals for expanded rural creation.

(ii) It increment the absolute result per rancher with expanded net income return.

(iii)It assists with bringing more land under development by expanding the homestead size of a limited scale rancher through the arrangement of land clearing administrations.

(iv)It give water system offices through development of dams for throughout the entire year horticultural creation.


(i)Poor advertising framework:

(Pick Any Two)

(i)Government should purchase abundance produce from ranchers

(ii)Government ought to settle costs of ranch produce in the country

(iii)The exercises of mediators who purchase produce at less expensive rates and sell at more exorbitant costs ought to be checked.

(iv)Commodity sheets ought to be restored to assist with getting sorted out the advertising of farming produce.

(ii)Unpredictable environment:

(Pick any Two)

(i)Water protection methods, for example, mulching ought to be practice

(ii)Teaching worker ranchers new developments in horticulture

(iii)Planting of cover crops like centrosema spp, calopogonium spp ought to be drilled.


Area B(4a)

Soil drainage is an interaction by which overabundance water in the dirt is taken out misleadingly to advance great cultivating exercises. All together words, seepage is the withdrawal of overabundance water from the dirt while simultaneously holding sufficient stores to bring the yields through the times of shortage


(Pick Any Four)

(I) Planting cover crops:Cover crops help to give shade,prevent disintegration and add more supplement to the dirt.

(ii) Mulching the dirt: Mulching sandy soil forestalls water misfortune through dissipation and supplement misfortune by water disintegration.

(iii) Application of fertilizer excrement: Application of manure compost assists with restricting the sand particles together and furthermore add humus(nutrients) to the dirt.

(iv) Application of ranch yard fertilizer: This will likewise work on the construction of the dirt as well as add supplements to the dirt.

(v)Avoidance of bramble cultivating: Bush consuming advances soil disintegration, kills soil organic entities and eliminate natural matter which can add to the ripeness of the dirt.


(Pick Any Five)

(i)Mineral matter effectsly affects soil temperature.

(ii)Mineral matter has influences soil porosity.

(iii) It shapes the strong aspect of the dirt and offers help for plants.

(iv) It addresses the home of living space of all dirt residing organic entities.

(v) Mineral matter effectsly affects soil temperature.

(vi)Mineral matter is the fundamental wellspring of plant supplements, for example, nitrogen,calcium,magnesium and iron.


(Pick any Four)










Segment C


Crop improvement is characterized as the science that arrangement with the advancement of new harvest assortments with unrivaled quality and amount. At the end of the day, crop improvement alludes to the approaches to creating and reproducing of harvest assortments which are superior to the current assortments in various characters.


(Pick Any Five)

(i)The youthful backwoods trees get immediate and roundabout consideration from the rancher

(ii)There is the accessibility of yield produce consistently.

(iii)It increment the pay of the Farmer

(iv)Where land is scant ,the rancher has a real estate parcel to develop

(v)When leguminous yields are utilized, the gainful impact of root knobs increments soil richness to serve the woods trees


(I) They lessen the yield of harvests

(ii) They can cause all out death of yields plants

(iii) They can make wounds which uncover crops illness assault

(iv) Some are transporters or vectors of infections

(v) They decrease the nature of produce

(vi) The benefits of ranchers are decreased


(I) They fill in as nourishment for animals

(ii) They help to diminish the expense of taking care of creatures

(iii) They fill in as cover crops


Area D


(Pick Any Three)

(i)It guarantees that simply the best normally accessible creature is chosen.

(ii)Animals with advantageous attributes are chosen

(iii)Animals with bothersome qualities are distinguished and dismissed.

(iv)It lessens the spread of parasites relationship with reproducing stocks.

(v)Selection lessens the spread of infections.


(Pick Any Four)

(i)The creature becomes anxious and now and then likewise separates itself from different creatures

(ii)The creature gives indications of sexual energy

(iii)The response of the creature to take care of is diminished or completely lost.

(iv)The creature creates uncommon high internal heat level

(v)There would be bodily fluid release from the creature’s vullva.

(vi)The creature continues to pee habitually and in exact moment volumes.


(Pick Any Four)

(i)Good feeding: Animal ought to be appropriately taken care of to oppose illnesses assault.

(ii)Isolation: All debilitated creatures ought to be secluded from sound ones to pens where they will be dealt with independently

(iii)Breeding: Disease safe stocks ought to be reproduced in the ranch

(iv)vaccination: Farm animals ought to be inoculated or vaccinated with flawless timing.

(v)Hygiene: Good cleanliness or sterile measures should be taken to forestall contamination of livestock


(Pick Any Five)

(i)Regular taking care of: The fish should be taken care of two times day by day structure chosen focuses

(ii)Deweeding: This is the expulsion of weeds from the lake

(iii)Aeration: Aeration empowers oxygen to break down in water which is expected by fish for breath

(iv)constant supply of water: The lake ought to be occupied all the time with water and any spillage fixed.

(v)Regular use of compost: This should be done once in a month to advance the development of fish pond(planktons)in the lake.

(vi)prevention of illness: sicknesses ought to be forestalled as this could kill all the fish in the lake.


Segment E


Supply of rice can be characterized as the amount of rice which a maker is willing and prepared to make available for purchase at a given cost throughout a given timeframe. It can likewise be characterized as the capacity and eagerness to make available for purchase explicit amounts of rice at elective costs, throughout a given timeframe.


(Pick any four)


(ii)Income of the buyer


(iv)Period of Festivals


(vi)Change in Taste of shopper


(Pick Any Six)

(I) Agricultural Development projects

(ii) Agro administrations focuses

(iii) Operations Feed Yourself

(iv) Farm settlement plans

(v)River Basins and rustic advancement authority

(vi) National horticultural land advancement office

(vi) Directorate For Food, Roads and Rural framework (DEFRRI)

(vii)National Fedama advancement project

(viii)Tikonko Agricultural Extension


(Pick Any four)

(i)Agricultural banks

(ii)Commercial banks

(iii)Supervised agrarian credit conspire

(iv)Thrift and saving social orders

(v)Cooperative society

(vi)Government organizations

(vii)Micro finance banks

(viii)International Development Agencies (IDAs)

NECO Agriculture Practice Questions and Answers
The questions beneath are not actually 2022 NECO Agric science questions and answers yet logical NECO Agric rehashed questions and replies.

These inquiries are stringently for training. The 2022 NECO Agric free answers will be posted on this page upon the arrival of the NECO Agriculture examination. Continue checking and reloading this page for the answers.

1. Estrogen in female creatures isn’t answerable for

A. improvement of auxiliary sexual qualities

B. on set of hotness period

C. milk let – down after parturition

D. advancement of udder

2. A meat cow acquired 75 kg over a time of two months and two days. What is its normal weight gain?

A. 0.83 kg

B. 1.21 kg

C. 1.28 kg

D. 2. 25kg

3. A hindrance of regular brooding is that

A. the eggs can’t be candled

B. the chicks are less sound

C. the agonizing hens in some cases leave the eggs

D. it requires some investment for eggs to incubate

4. Ruminants benefited from dried grasses are given feed enhancements to

A. expansion in water consumption

B. give mass to take care of

C. lessen microbial movement

D. give inadequate supplements

5. Which of the accompanying creature illness isn’t related with lack of healthy sustenance?

A. Aspergillosis

B. Acidosis

C. Milk fever

D. Rickets

6. The kind of energy got from the sun for rural utilizations is known as

A. possible energy

B. mechanical energy

C. thermal power

D. sun powered energy

E. motor energy

7. Which of the accompanying carries out will be utilized for the following homestead activity subsequent to clearing another farmland?

A. harrow

B. ridger

C. cultivator

D. grower

E. furrow

8. Which of the accompanying can’t be utilized to rub the metal pieces of ranch instruments before capacity?

A. oil

B. palm oil

C. water

D. oil jam

E. spent motor oil

9. The normal reviewing hardware for farmland incorporate the accompanying aside from

A. running post

B. kaleidoscopic compass

C. estimating tape

D. gunter’s chain

E. spade

10. An illustration of contagious infection of put away grains is

A. rosette

B. shrivel

C. delicate decay

D. damping off

E. shape

11. Which of the accompanying livestock have a couple of caeca?

A. pigs

B. cows

C. sheep

D. hares

E. fowls

12. The top of the tapeworm is known as the

A. sucker

B. rostellum

C. scolex

D. snare

E. portion

13. Which of coming up next isn’t a component of the ruminal microorganism?

A. processing of cellulose

B. change of plant proteins into microbial protein

C. creation of vitamin B

D. creation of gas in the rumen

E. eructation of the ruminal gas

14. Which of the accompanying variables could you consider the most un-significant for the effective brooding of eggs?

A. light

B. temperature

C. ventilation

D. relative dampness

E. turning of the egg

15. In which area of Nigeria is the kuri type of dairy cattle regularly found?

A. borno

B. sokoto

C. level

D. obudu

E. oyo north

16. Which of the accompanying exercises isn’t a showcasing capacity?

A. Purchasing of horticultural items

B. planting of yields

C. moving of ranch produce

D. capacity of ranch produce

17. Gambles on business ranches could result from

A. cost strength

B. crop disappointment

C. protection

D. broadening

18. A rural expansion official ought to have the option to

A. make new positions for ranchers

B. raise assets for ranchers

C. develop an enormous homestead

D. guide and instruct ranchers

19. An agrarian expansion official ought to have the option to

A. make new positions for ranchers

B. raise assets for ranchers

C. develop a huge homestead

D. guide and teach ranchers

20. A rural expansion official ought to have the option to

A. make new positions for ranchers

B. raise assets for ranchers

C. develop a huge homestead

D. guide and teach ranchers

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How To Pass NECO Agric Science Examination

The National Examination Council (NECO) is a body accountable for the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. The Certificate presented here is a vital accreditation that honors or affirms the fulfillment of your Secondary School Education.

It is a significant record that qualifies you into any tertiary organization and is similarly a main consideration influencing affirmation today.

Hence, every Student getting ready for this examination NECO 2022 is planning for something incredible.

Care should be taken while taking part in this examination in other not to emerge with terrible grades. Coming up next are the critical solutions to NECO Agric 2022.

1. Be Determined to Pass

The NECO 2022 Agricultural Science is primarily for the people who have decided to pass it with a passing mark.

Any applicant who, now, has not made up their psyche to make the magnificent grade in the approaching NECO 2022 Agric Science is really not prepared to pass.

Your brain should be prepared for the undertaking ahead, don’t follow lazy companions who have faith in a supernatural occurrence upon the arrival of the tests, remain positive and review your books.

2. Have self-confidence

Fearlessness is another component that influences a candidate’s performance. Promise to do everything without anyone else and all that will come out exceptionally straightforward for you.

It’s undeniably true that numerous understudies drop the right responses just to duplicate some unacceptable ones on account of an absence of self-assurance. Study and pray hard and you are the wonder for the afternoon.

3. Start Studying Early

Contemplating is vital in your life as an understudy. NECO is an extremely straightforward Exam to manage insofar as studies are involved. Examining is a certain something and concentrating on time is something else totally.

Try not to sit tight for the NECO 2022 Agriculture tests to be so close before you begin reading up for them. Late planning won’t actually help you. Whenever you begin concentrating on right on time there will be the ideal opportunity for you to amend before the tests.

4. Make Use the NECO 2021 Syllabus

Utilizing the NECO 2022 schedule is exceptionally fundamental as it will direct you on significant themes to cover. Considering without the Syllabus will make you center around superfluous points that won’t show up in the tests.

Likewise, the greater part of the Agricultural Science themes you have not done in class are there in the NECO schedule.

5. Pray to God Your creator

Many figure that they can do it isolated without God. The Almighty God is your maker, look for His help and He won’t ever neglect to help you. Your confidence in God decides your prosperity. God is there for you, call upon Him.

6. Adhere to exams instructions.

Any understudy who isn’t prepared to stick to the assessment conducts is wanting to fall flat. Most of NECO Candidates that have their outcomes held are from those that were not prepared to adhere to the Exam guidelines.

7. Use Your Time Wisely

It’s obviously true that NECO Agric requires a great deal of time, deal with the brief period given to you admirably. Consider the quantity of inquiries you are to address and the time given so you can time carefully.

6. Be punctual to the examination venue

Timeliness matters during the tests. Go to the test scene early so your mind can agree to the errand. Hurrying to the test lobby will make you temperamental for the test and can inclined you to such countless mix-ups.

Invest in some opportunity to go through the test question paper before you begin replying. NECO Agriculture Questions and Answers

Assuming you have any inquiries regarding the 2022 NECO Agric Science questions and replies, do well to tell us in the comment box.

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