NECO Civic Education Questions and Answers for 2022/2023

2022 NECO Civic Education Answers, 2022NECO Civic Education Expo NECO Civic Education Past questions and everything you need to know about 2021 Neco civic Education will be provided in this article.

NECO Civic Education Questions and Answers for 2022/2023

NECO Civic Education Questions and Answers (Expo)

The 2022 NECO Civic Education expo will be posted here during the NECO Civic Education examination. Keep checking and reloading this page for the answers.

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Today’s NECO Civic Education OBJ Answers: We will soon post the answers, wait patiently.

2021 Answers:







NECO Civic Essay Answers:


Urban instruction is a public, socially-arranged arrangement of constant training and childhood pointed toward building community ability, popularity based culture, and fulfilling the requirements for socialization in light of a legitimate concern for the individual, common society, and law and order.


(Pick any THREE)

(I) Political steadiness

(ii) Peace and Equality

(iii) Patriotism

(iv) Sustainable Development:


(I) Political solidness: A nation where individuals know their freedoms and commitments will more often than not appreciate relative harmony that upgrades political and financial security in the state. Plus, citizenship training assists with decreasing instances of denials of basic liberties in the public eye. The degree of asperity is diminished in this manner guaranteeing strength in the country.

(ii) Peace and Equality: Civic instruction trains us to regard each other’s conviction and see each other as siblings or equivalent. One tragic reoccurrence in our general public today is nationality and strict predominance.

(iii) Patriotism: Through Civic training, we as residents feel love, dedication and connection to our country. Complying with the rules that everyone must follow, advancing great qualities, disregarding indecencies and dynamic interest in the administration of the country.

(iv) Sustainable Development: The educational program of Civic training is organized to address the objectives of feasible advancement which are summarized into civil rights, natural manageability, great administration and monetary efficiency.


(Pick any FOUR)

(I) Family

(ii) School

(iii) Peer-bunch

(iv) Mass media

(v) Religions foundations

(vi) Community


Cultism can be characterized as a custom practice by a gathering whose participation, commencement, approaches, and exercises are done covertly and completed at odd hours of the day and they frequently conflict with the acknowledged standards and upsides of daily existence.


(Pick any four)

(I) The mind-boggling impact of friend pressures has been recognized as one of the significant motivations behind why understudies join faction.

(ii) Low confidence can make an understudy to join faction bunch to feel significant.

(iii) Power or position looking for can lead an understudy into joining religion bunch.

(iv) Parental foundation can impact an understudy into joining religion.

(v) Exposure to brutality and wrongdoing related films

(vi) Quest for scholastic achievement


(Pick any FIVE)

(I) Breakdown of the rule of law.

(ii) Violence and social unsteadiness.

(iii) Disruption of scholarly exercises.

(iv) Disorientation of cultural qualities.

(v) Premature passing of adolescents who are religion individuals/blameless casualties.

(vi) Drug fixation and related medical issues


Segment B: (Answer TWO inquiries from this segment)


(I) Right to life.

(ii) Right to opportunity of articulation.

(iii) Right to fair and rise to hearing.

(iv) Right to opportunity of development.

(v) Right to possess property.


(I) Right to life: This right you to live or to exist. No one has the privilege to kill someone else or oneself.

(ii) Right to opportunity of articulation: Under this right, everybody is allowed to hold conclusions, express same or get or confer thoughts and data without impedance. This is the option to express out loud anything one desires to say. The press I.e Newspapers e.t.c. reserve the privilege to say or report any news without being badgering or constrained not to do as such.

(iii) Right to fair and rise to hearing: Every Citizen has the option to be paid attention to before they are rebuffed. Indeed, even it a criminal is found taking the court needs to pay attention to their guard prior to administering judgment.

(iv) Right to opportunity of development: Every resident of Nigeria is allowed to move from one section to the next and to dwell in any piece of the country. No resident of Nigeria should be denied section into and development out of Nigeria.

(v) Right to claim property: Every individual is qualified for own private property and no portable or ardent property or the interest from it tends to be obligatory procured in any piece of Nigeria.


(I) Social removing: Stay somewhere around 1 meter away from others, regardless of whether they have all the earmarks of being debilitated, since individuals can have the infection without having indications. Stay away from huge get-togethers, public spaces and public transportation. Stay away from social contacting, this incorporates shaking hands, kissing or embracing, rather attempt a hand wave or a grin.

(iii) Wearing of veil: A material mask may not safeguard the wearer, however it might hold the wearer back from spreading the infection to other people. To lessen the spread of COVID-19, it is suggested that individuals should wear material masks in open settings when around individuals outside of their family, particularly when other social removing measures are hard to keep up with.

(iii) Avoid contacting surfaces of public offices: Touching of surfaces, particularly in open settings or wellbeing offices ought to be stayed away from, on the off chance that individuals tainted with COVID-19 have contacted them. Clean surfaces consistently with standard sanitizers.

(iv) Frequent washing/cleaning of hands: Clean your hands with cleanser and water or a liquor based sanitizer. It is fundamental for convey liquor based sanitizer with you at whatever point you are going out and utilize it frequently.

(v) Vaccination: Get immunized. Heed direction and proposals regarding immunization. This can forestall hazard of spreading Covid


The inquiries beneath are the NECO past inquiries and answers that will help you in your 2022 NECO Civic Education Questions.

1. The authentic ability to urge others into dutifulness is​​

(a) Authority

(b) Constitution

(c) Force

(d) Law

(e) Sovereignty

2. The association liable for the issuance of driving permit is

(a) Federal Road Safety Commission

(b) National Union of street Transport Workers

(c) Nigeria Immigration Service

(d) Nigeria Police force

(e) Vehicle Inspection Office

3. Which of coming up next is a preventive​​ measure against cultism?

(a) Drug Abuse ought to be energized

(b) Religious and moral training ought to be taken out from the school​​ educational program

(c) Students ought to be permitted to join any gathering

(e) Students ought to be directed on the shades of malice of cultism.

4. The​​ office in Nigeria accused of the obligation of controlling illicit drug use is

(a) Federal Road Safety Corps

(b) National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control

(c) National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency

(d) National Orientation Agency

(e) Nigeria Security and Civil Defense corps.

5. Common Society associations add to the resident’s capacity to trade on public issues​​

(a) Ideas

(b)​​ Interest

(c) Policies

(d) Programs

(e) Resources​​

6. Sacred survey and alteration is the sole liability of the​​

(a) Electorate

(b) Executive

(c) Judiciary

(d) Legislature

(e) Presidency​​

7. The best method for settling debate in the general public is​​

(a) Confrontation

(b) Counseling

(c) Court activity

(d) Dialog

(e) Retaliation​​

8. The ability procurement project that requires gigantic cash-flow to begin is​​

(a) Barbing

(b) Blacksmithing

(c) Bricklaying

(d) Tailoring

(e) Welding

9. The Nigeria Police Act of 1964 illuminates the accompanying capacities with the exception of

(a) Apprehension of offenders​​

(b) Bribery and debasement

(c) Prevention and confinement of crooks

(d) Protection of lives and property

(e) safeguarding of the rule of law

10. Which of the accompanying associations isn’t relied upon to challenge government approaches?

(a) Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps

(b) Association of market Women

(c) National Council of Women Societies

(d) Nigeria Football Association

(e) Nigeria Financial Institutions​​

11. A conduct that is socially satisfactory is​​

(a) Decorum

(b) Incompetence

(c) Lawlessness

(d) Smartness

(e) Thuggery​​

12. The association of most of the political exercises of a country is called popular​​

(a) Acculturation

(b) Orientation

(c) Participation

(d) Selection

(e) Socialization

13. A preventive measure against contaminations of HIV/AIDS is​​

(a) Being untrustworthy to one’s accomplice

(b) sharing of needle

(c) the utilization of sanitized objects

(d) bonding ​​ of blood without screening

(e) unprotected sex

14. Medications can be manhandled in the accompanying ways aside from

(a) Chewing

(b) Inhalation

(c) scouring

(d) smoking

(e) snuffing​​

15. Which of coming up next is certifiably not a target of citizenship schooling?

(a) Political support

(b) Political lack of care

(c) Political viability

(d)​​ Respect for established power

(e) Religious resilience

16. Which of the accompanying assertions on the off chance that not right with regards to illegal exploitation?

(a) Every country on the planet is impacted by dealing

(b) it is the maltreatment of force or a situation to take advantage of the helpless

(c) Men are for the most part casualties of the action

(d) dealers benefit from the wrongdoing

(e) casualties are selected through power or trickiness

17. An image involved by ideological groups for simple recognizable proof is known as​​

(a) Flier

(b) logo

(c) proclamation

(d) Poster

(e) motto

18. To win youngsters’ confidence​​ ​​questions ought to be asked by the parents​​

(a) Close-finished

(b) General

(c) Indirect

(d) Open-finished

(e) Unspecific

19. An outsider who has dwelled in Nigeria for quite a long time can be allowed citizenship by​​

(a) Birth

(b) Honor

(c) Conquest

(d) Naturalization

(e) Registration

20. Lining society is focused on ensuring​​ in the general public

(a) Conflict

(b) confusion

(c) Greediness

(d) respectability

(e) regard

21. Which of coming up next isn’t an action for checking cultism in our general public?

(a) Good home preparation

(b) Good authority

(c)​​ Legislation on cultism

(d) Proliferation of arms

(e) Upholding of cultural qualities

22. In the order of street, feeder streets are under the management of​​ government

(a) District (b) Federal (c) Local (d) Regional (e) State

23. Chronic drug use can be checked through the accompanying ways aside from

(a) Avoidance of terrible companions (b) directing project (c) authorization of regulations (d) self medicine (e) parental monitoring​​

24. Which of the accompanying doesn’t clarify the association of the residents in the political exercises of a state?

(a) Attending party gatherings (b) Belonging to an ideological group (c) Membership of a tension gathering (d) Contesting political race (e) Voter’s enrollment

25. Relational relationship is advanced through the accompanying credits with the exception of

(a) Caring (b) Envy (c) Honesty (d) Kindness (e) Patience

26. Great qualities stress the need to be​​

(a) Arrogant (b) moderate (c) liberal (d) childish (e) Stingy

27 Which of coming up next is certifiably not an OK methodology for peddling for vote? Utilization of

(a) Campaign (b) Logo (c) Manifesto (d) Rallies (e)​​ thuggery​​

28. Which of coming up next is definitely not a goal of youth strengthening programs? To/For​​

A. mentality re-direction among adolescents. B. make road for monetary misappropriation C. open the adolescents to abilities procurement. D. give professional preparation. E. invigorate innovative development.​​

29. Obtaining citizenship schooling helps and individual to turn out to be all the following​​ with the exception of

A. Alluring. B. Innovative C. Useful D. Mindful E. Unpatriotic​​

30. The capacity of a person to devote time and assets to help a reason is called. A. Responsibility B. Love C. Truthfulness D. Resistance E. Trust.

31. Which of the accompanying variables doesn’t work with business? ​​ A. Great clinical consideration B. Advances and awards C. Stable power supply D. Shaky government E. Utilization of further developed innovation.

32. Being a parent is characterized inside the idea of a/an

​​ A. lineage B. ethnic gathering C. family D. town E. town

33. Which of the accompanying is​​ not​​ a type of common freedoms abuse?​​

​​ A. Youngster dealing B. Extra legal killings C.imprisonment of a convict D. Limitation on opportunity of articulation E. Limitation on opportunity of development.

34. The capacity to make the right decision independent of outside pressure is known as A. ethical quality B. character C. strict dogmatism D. otherworldliness E. solid nakedness.​​

35. Which of coming up next is equivalent to chronic drug use? A. Utilization of join on injuries B. Utilization of body spray C. Utilization of paracetamol D. Utilization of soda pops E. Self medication​​

36. Which of coming up next is an outcome of cultism?

A. Financial matters difficulty B. A work in progress C. Strict emergency D. Journey for information E. surprising passing

37. At the point when young people are engaged with appropriate abilities, it helps in the decrease of destitution and ______in the general public. A. wrongdoings B. infection C. progress D.​​ mindfulness (e) self indulgence

38. Which of coming up next isn’t an element of common society? They

(a) Are framed by individuals on the same page (b) are free of the public authority (c) are pressure gatherings (d) support all administration arrangements and choices (e) utilize a greater amount of influence the intimidation

39. Which of coming up next isn’t a justification behind the underlying presentation of confraternity in Nigerian Universities​​

(a) Curbing cultural ills (b) Disrupting scholarly exercises (c) paying attention to understudies’ complaints (d) advancing native African culture (e) utilization of discourse to resolve questions

40. Which ideological group in Nigeria has the word ‘power’ as its slogan​​

(a) All ever-evolving Congress (b) Alliance for Democracy (c) Labor Party (d) People’s Democratic Party (e) Peoples Redemption party

41. The​​ idea of fairness of the community worker proposes that he/she should be

(a) Confrontational to bosses (b) faithful to any administration (c) frantic to lead (d) long-lasting in the help (e) politically one-sided

42. Which of the accompanying sets is significant in our relationship with others?

(a) Cheating and trust (b) Fighting and meddling (c) Honesty and social indecencies (d) Honesty and trust (e) Trust and question

43. The obligation of a productive member of society is to

(a) Acquire abundance through illicit means (b) be not interested in political exercises (c) create turmoil in the general public (d) add to the advancement of the general public (e) enjoy hostile to social practices.

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44. In Nigeria’s political game plan, races come after every​​​​ year

(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) ​​ 5 (e) 6

45. Which of coming up next is at real fault for illegal exploitation?

(a) All NGOs restoring safeguarded casualties (b) accidentally transport the people in question (c) Government offices accused of the obligation of controlling the demonstration (d) government authorities involving casualties as home servants (e) guiltless guardians who are oblivious to the offense​​

46. Which of the accompanying situations in the official arm of government isn’t elective?​​ \

(a) Chief whip (b) Clerk of the House (c) Majority Leader (d) Senate President (e) Speaker of the House​​

47. The All Progressive Congress is a branch-off of​​

(a) Action Congress of Nigeria, Labor party and Kowa Party

(b) All Progressives Grand Alliance, Democratic Movement Party and Accord Party

(c) Alliance for Democracy, Conscience and Party and Independent Democrat.

(d) Congress for Progressive Change, Action Congress of​​ Nigeria and all Nigeria Peoples Party

(e) Fresh Democratic faction, Peoples Redemption Party and Action Alliance

48. Side effects of illicit drug use don’t include​​

(a) Hyper action (b) Loss of hunger (c) mental​​ efficiency (d) decrease in sexual urge (e) Sleeplessness​​

49. As indicated by Universal Declaration of Human Rights coming up next are center opportunities with the exception of right to​​

(a) Enslave others (b) Liberty (c) Life (d) non-segregation (e) Security

50. Criticism of individuals living with HIV/AIDS can lead to​​

(a) Being renowned (b) splendid future (c) self completion (d) confidence (e) social isolation​​

51. The local official is important for the​​​​ arm of government​​

(a) Executive (b) Judicial (c) Legislative (d) Parliamentary (e) Presidential​​

52. The main fixing and invigorates advancement in the public eye is​​

(a) Cooperation (b) liberality (c) knowledge (d) Justice (e) Obedience

53. Which arrangement of government permits the control of the method for creation in couple of hands?

(a) Capitalism (b) Communalism (c) Communism (d) Feudalism (e) Socialism

54. Substance addiction includes the accompanying except​​

(a) Continuous utilization of medications in spite of unfriendly impacts (b) self organization of the medication (c) ingesting medications in light of solution (d) consuming medications past suggested measurement (e) involving drugs in therapeutically unaccepted ways​​

55. Famous support can be characterized as

(a) Elitist association in movements of every sort in the society​​ (b) steady cooperation of residents in the exercises of the local area (c) grassroots support in legislative issues ​​ (d) incomplete contribution in governmental issues by completely qualified residents (e) willful inclusion of the larger part in the political exercises of their country

56. Capable nurturing is fundamental since it

(a) Guarantes strict and ethnic resilience (b) produces broken family (c) keeps kids from getting abilities (d) plans youngsters for single life as a parent (e) gets ready young fellows to be reliant ​​

57. The focal point of Human privileges and a majority rule government was laid out in​​

(a) 1991 (b) 1992 (c) 1993 (d) 1994 (e) 1995

58. What is the shade of this strip that represents the mission about HIV/AIDS?

(a) Blue (b) Green (c) Pink (d) Red (e) Yellow

59. The point of Youth strengthening programs is to develop​​ abilities

Social (b) life-adapting (c) political (d) strict (e) social​​

60. Residents who quietly bear the torments of government strategy are displaying the quality of​​

(a) Dedication (b) reliability (c) determination (d) regard (e) self control​​

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