NECO English Language Questions and Answers 2022/2023 ( Essay/Objectives)

NECO English Language Questions and Answers 2022. I will show you past English Language Theory and obj repeated questions and NECO Literature Drama and Poetry free of charge here. You will likewise see how NECO English Language questions are set and how to answer all of them.

NECO English Language Questions and Answers 2022/2023 ( Essay/Objectives)

The National Examinations Council (NECO) is an examination body in Nigeria that directs the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January separately.

NECO English Language Objectives and Essay answers 2022

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You are expected to address just one inquiry from this part. Your response ought not be under 450 words. All questions convey equivalent imprints. You are encouraged to spend around 45 minutes on this part.

1. Compose a story to show the colloquialism: avoidance is superior to fix.
2. Compose an article reasonable for distribution in your school magazine on approaches to further developing perusing society among understudies.
3. You are a main speaker in a discussion on the subject: Our ancestors maintained our social qualities more than this age. Compose your contention possibly in support of the movement.
4. Your closest companion has recently been suspended from school for delinquency. Compose a letter to him/her communicating your disappointment and exhorting him/her to turn another leaf



















Segment A


It was Sunday evening. The family was unwinding and staring at the TV when they originally heard the correspondent say, “China is experiencing a dangerous infection known as Covid or Covid-19.”

Everybody gazed at the TV screen with interest that transformed into caution. Their hearts were beating hard. Soon thereafter, Michelle, the oldest girl of the family, investigated on the web and tracked down additional regarding this illness from different sources. Each time she experienced another reality, she petitioned God for security from the lethal infection.

Weeks passed and it seemed like individuals disregarded this new and profoundly infectious infection as it was something that was ending up peopling in China and there was nothing they must be worried about. Gradually and steadily, individuals quit going to lengths to keep themselves from getting Covid. A few nations had shut borders with others to forestall the spread of the infectious illness. Life had returned to typical.

Michelle and all her relatives intended to visit Lagos and get to know each other. They thought since the infection was for the most part influencing China, it was protected to travel to Lagos. They all were very invigorated and after the beginning of the school’s August break, they traveled to Lagos, Michelle’s fantasy State, uninformed that a horrendous encounter looked for them.

Michelle’s family contained four individuals, including her. Her dad was a money manager, her mom was a housewife and she additionally had a sixteen year old more youthful sibling. She adored her family and had arranged this trip months prior. After they at long last arrived at their objective, they set up for an inn and ate and dozed right on time as they were drained. They would do touring the following day.

At half beyond seven AM, they had breakfast and prepared to appreciate investigating the spot. As they got out of the lodging, the administration gave them veils. They were totally astounded and checked each other in complete wonder out. Nonetheless, they evaded involving the cover as a preventive measure and went to the Ikeja City Mall.

The shopping center was somewhat a long way from the inn and consequently everybody was eager once more. After arriving at the shopping center, they rushed to the food court where they saw almost everybody wearing covers. They ridiculed them, that individuals were as yet frightened of Covid and ate Amala And Ewedu Soup, one of the well known food varieties of the West. They had a good time a great deal and later got back to the inn to go through the night there.

The following day when Michelle’s mom woke up, she saw that Michelle was having high fever and that she was continually hacking. Alarmed, they took her to the close by emergency clinic and came to realize that she had Covid. The family quickly became discouraged and dismal, and upon the specialist’s remedy began to go to lengths to safeguard themselves.

Michelle was kept in isolation, and upon research the specialists figured out that she got contaminated as she sat adjacent to an infection tainted patient in the airplane. The specialists made an honest effort to treat her and following 14 days her condition was steady enough for her to be released. This time her family was avoided her.

At long last, when she was a little better and the specialists gave her the consent to travel and the family gotten back to their country.

This occurrence caused them to become familiar with the greatest illustration of life that, “Counteraction is superior to fix.”


Ongoing discoveries have uncovered that understudies have lost the way of life of perusing. The perusing society among adolescents has been said to have disappeared away. This is sad. Truth be told, the rate by which, Nigeria recorded disappointment by Nigerian understudies in the West African Examination Council WAEC, and National Examination Commission NECO including, different assessments taken in Nigeria is very glaring that this is valid.

My first idea on the most proficient method to approach further developing the perusing society among understudies will be to arrange phases of preparation for young people and studios for understudies.

There ought to be series of such preparation programs for youngsters in the country on understanding society, and course of study guiding, and Parents Teachers preparing, including, kid advancement studios the nation over.

For example, government and corporate associations and non-administrative associations should chip in facilitating understudies of public optional schools and understudies of private auxiliary schools across Nigeria, for example, for the reason for illuminating the understudies on the significant of soaking up the way of life of perusing, since this approach will assist with making these understudies splendid and best minds, and consequently make them liable residents later on, that will contribute exceptionally to country building.

Another way that I think will improve and advance perusing society in among understudies will be in the space of understudies’ discussion and understudies examine rivalry.

I should let you know that this is one of the key factors that will really help in accomplishing an improvement in the space of perusing society among young people and understudies.

Along these lines, there is need to arrange bury school banter contest and entomb school exposition composing rivalry for the two understudies in open auxiliary schools and understudies in private optional schools the nation over.

While getting sorted out for these understudy rivalries, prizes should be given to the best performing understudies in the contests, as well as the taking part schools.

This signal will support Nigerian understudies, as well as, their educators to invest more amounts of energy, so they can have a possibility of winning the awards whenever there is such rivalry. Thusly, there is all signs that, the perusing society among understudies will get to the next level.

Once more, assuming that free books can be given to understudies and understudies in both private essential and optional schools, as well as open essential and auxiliary schools it will contribute towards further developing perusing society in among understudies.

To that end it is significant and vital for Nigerian government and other government offices, including, non-legislative associations and corporate associations to take upon themselves the running of mission programs, where free books can be given to understudies in both private essential and optional schools and public essential and auxiliary schools.

Adequate, a few understudies especially, those ones in non-public schools are special to review in conditions that have exceptional present day library offices with books that even advances understanding society and advance exploration yet sadly, understudies have been moved by those arrangement of things that don’t add an incentive for their examinations, for instance, Facebook, and WhatsApp, and Twitter, as well as, other online media stages which have diverts them from considering.

Truth be told, a portion of those understudies, whose guardians are well off and persuasive trusted that, with their folks abundance attitude, they will figure out.

These practices and perspectives with respect to understudies ought to be deterred, and they ought to be diverted to way of being book amicable, as well as assimilating the way of life of perusing.

Assessment negligence has stayed one of the shades of malice that have entranced Nigerian understudies, to the degree that, the understudies have lost the way of life of perusing, let alone to peruse and get ready for assessment.

As I would like to think, I will recommend that, there ought to be mission and backing against assessment acts of neglect. This stage can likewise fill in as a gathering, where issues concerning the job of partners in contributing their time and assets and energy towards annihilating assessment misbehaviors in Nigeria can be talked about.

It could likewise fill in as stage, where individuals from general society can be sharpened on how they can all things considered work to help with commending the endeavors of the public authority in killing assessment acts of neglect in Nigeria, and advance understanding society.

There is need consequently, for Nigerian government to ascend and be submitted in ensuring that it advance better instruction reasoning in the nation and too, reestablish perusing society to kill the issue of assessment acts of neglect in Nigerian schools.


They had an inept geology educator.


He never accepted that such number of understudies could loathe geology.


The fantasy about turning into a pilot.


The chief was just structure impractical plan as understudies had no joy in the subject.


(I) Adjectival provision.

(ii) It qualifies the thing “Life coach”.


They found that “Water Meandering” which their old educator had over and again showed them was not so much as a point all alone in topography.


Instructors ought to be permitted to deal with subjects of their mastery.


(I) Retrospectively – back

(ii) Thunderous – stunning

(iii) Zeal – energy

(iv) Specialist – master

(v) supplications – requests

(vi) Scratch – starting



(I) The Nigerian games agents were deficiently ready in the 2012 Olympic games.

(ii) They were additionally ineffectively roused.


(I) National games commission ought to embrace early arrangements for exceptional contests.

(ii) They ought to likewise put together youth projects to prepare and produce specialists in wearing exercises.


The improvements that obstructed the execution of the goals came to at the highest point are:

(I) The substitution of the games serve.

(ii) Lack of monetary responsibility in different games exercises.


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The following NECO English questions are questions to expect in the 2022 NECO examination.

The questions below are the NECO past inquiries and answers that will help you in your 2022 NECO English Questions.

Section 1
In every one of the accompanying sentences, there is one underlined word and one hole. From the rundown of words lettered A to D, pick the one that is generally almost inverse in significance to the underlined word and that will, simultaneously, accurately fill the hole in the sentence.

Most African nations face neediness while few appreciate … … … … … …
A. impact
B. cash
C. opulence
D. power.
Last year our ranchers developed a bigger number of harvests than they… … … … …
A. obliterated
B. evacuated
C. gathered
D. yielded
Segment 2
From the words lettered A to D, pick the word that best finishes every one of the accompanying sentences.

There would have been an uproar in our school however for the convenient … … … .. of our staff.
A. mediation
B. interference
C. obstruction
D. attack.
The equipped looters … each room in the bank to search for cash.
A. investigated
B. stripped
C. raked
D. cleared.
Segment 3
After every one of the accompanying sentences, a rundown of potential understandings is given. Pick the understanding that you consider generally fitting for each sentence.

Ade is excessively cunning considerably. This implies that Ade is
A. far cleverer than others
B. extremely moronic in his conduct
C. annoyingly astute
D. acting to be astute yet isn’t.
Ameh is truly being affordable with reality. This implies that Ameh
A. is being commended for being straightforward
B. doesn’t know enough
C. realizes more than he is ready to say
D. isn’t coming clean.
See: NECO Examination Timetable

Section 4
From the words lettered A to D beneath every one of the accompanying sentences, pick the word or gathering of words that is closest in significance to the underlined word as it is utilized in the sentence.

By neglecting to go to the meeting, Idoko has lost an amazing chance.
A. favored
B. brilliant
C. great
D. superb.
I trust the chief would be sufficiently benevolent to excuse us.
A. friendly
B. affable
C. lenient
D. delicate.
Section 5
From the words or gathering of words lettered A to D, pick the word or gathering of words that best finishes every one of the accompanying sentences.

A productive member of society stands … .. the standards of the land.
A. with
B. in
C. at
D. by
Since his swearing in, the lead representative … … … .. his old neighborhood.
A. had not been visiting
B. has not visited
C. didn’t visit
D. had not visited.


NECO English Essay Question 2022
Section A: 50 Marks

Answer 1 Only [Please Answer Correctly]

(1) the artistic and discussing society of your school is arranging a discussion on the point: destitution, and not debasement is the worst thing about our general public. Compose your contentions possibly in support of the movement

(2) compose an article appropriate for distribution in a public paper on the peril presented by the utilization of business bikes in our urban areas and recommend approaches to controlling them

((3) compose a story that best outlines the idiom: A panther can’t change its spots

4)write a letter to the good priest of farming on approaches to bossing agribusiness in your country

Tips on How to Pass NECO English Examination

Have a Target and Work Towards Actualizing it
You have chosen to pass NECO English Language 2022 and I am certain of that. Presently, the following thing you ought to do is set targets.

You have told yourself, “I will score A in English Language 2022”, that is not all. You want to anticipate how to get it going by making great NECO result. Make a schedule and end-all strategy to accomplish your objectives.

Get the Recommended Textbook on Literature in English for 2022 NECO Examination
Ordinarily, NECO suggests books for the assessment. In any case, aside from NECO English where certain books are obligatory, you are allowed to utilize any great English Language course reading to get ready for NECO 2022 test.

A few course books are more challenging to comprehend. On the off chance that you have any point you are viewing as challenging to comprehend, get a course book that will work on the subjects and improve life for you.

Try not to Skip Literature in English Examples and Exercise you Will Come Across While Reading:
Many up-and-comers are enamored with skipping practices and even models while concentrating on course readings. Truth be told, we like journals such a lot of that we could inquire, “would I be able to peruse my note pad and pass NECO English Language?” Don’t be terrified of endeavoring practices in Biology. Face the difficulties.

Note: The above questions are possible NECO English Language Questions and Answers

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