NECO Physics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 | Essay and Objective

NECO Physics Questions and Answers 2022. I will be showing you NECO Physics objective and theory questions for free. You will also understand how NECO Physics questions are set and many more examination details.

NECO Physics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 | Essay and Objective

The National Examinations Council (NECO) is an examination body in Nigeria that directs and conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January individually.

NECO Physics Objectives And Essay Answers 2022(Expo)

The 2022 NECO Physics expo will be posted here during the NECO physics examination. Continue checking and reloading this page for the answer

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The requests underneath are the NECO 2022 Physics Practice Questions. Go through them and be ready to score high in your NECO 2022 Physics Examination.

1. The condition X15062 => Y150 63 + – 1 + energy, addresses

A. Alpha decay

B. Beta-decay

C. Gamma decay

D. Photon spread

reply: B

2. The ice and steam points of a thermometer are 20mm and 100mm independently. A temperature of 75 degree celsius connects with Y mm on the thermometer. What is Y?

A. 100 mm

B. 70 mm

C. 80 mm

D. 60 mm

reply: C (80mm)


3. Whenever yellow card is seen through blue glass, the card would appear as

A. Dim

B. Green

C. Red

D. White

reply: A (Black)

4. In a nuclear plant, the last mass of the things is 6.32×10^-27kg, while the basic mass of the reactant is 6.30×10^-27kg, the energy conveyed in the process is (speed of light in vacuum 3.0×10^8m/s, 1eV = 1.6×10^-19J)

A. 11.25meV

B. 11.25 MJ

C. 12.25MJ

D. 12.25meV

reply: A (11.25meV)

5. A 1.5kg stone was thrown vertical with a hidden speed of 42m/s, What is the reasonable energy of the stone at the most raised point came to.

A. 3.15J

B. 13.23J

C. 26.46J

D. 63.00J

reply: A (11.25meV)

6. Whenever two articles P and Q are given a comparative measure of hotness, the temperature change in p apparently is twofold that of Q. The mass of P is a huge part of that of Q. The extent of the specific hotness of P to Q is

A. 1:4

B. 4:1

C. 1:1

D. 2:1

reply: C (1:1)

7. The going with attestations were made by specific students portraying what happened during the confirmation of the conditioning sign of solids

1. The temperature of the solid was consistent until relaxing started

2. The temperature of the solid rose until condensing started

3. During dissolving, the temperature was rising

4. During relaxing, the temperature was consistent

5. The temperature continued to climb after all the solid had mellowed.

6. The temperature quit rising after all the solid had broken down. Which of the going with gives right clarifications appropriately adjusted?

A. 2, 4 and 5

B. 2, 3 and 6

C. 1, 3 and 6

D. 1, 3 and 5

reply: A (2, 4, and 5)

8. A silver spoon and wooden spoon are both at room temperature. The silver spoon is cooler to contact since a silver

A. has a more unmistakable thickness

B. can be cleaned

C. is a less retentive material than wood

D. is a predominant aide of hotness

reply: D (is an unrivaled aide of hotness)

NECO Physics Essay Questions

1. (a) A student makes a model of an atom. The model contains 24 electrons, 25 protons and 26 neutrons. A portion of these particles are inside a core at the focal point of the model.
(I) Determine the nucleon number (mass number) of the iota.
(ii) Explain why the model addresses a charged iota.
(iii) The understudy makes another model of an alternate isotope of a similar component. Portray the core of this new model.

Ans: 1 (a)
(I) 51 B1
(ii) a greater number of protons than electrons or different number of protons and electrons positive and negative don’t drop.
(iii) 25 protons. an alternate number of neutrons.

2. Fig. 1.1 shows the distance-time diagram for two cyclists An and B. They start a 500 m race together however finish the race at various times.

(a) Use Fig. 1.1 to decide
(I) the distance among An and B at time t = 20s,
(ii) the distinction in the time taken by An and B for the race.

(b) Cyclist C beginnings the race simultaneously as An and B and covers the first 200m of the race at a consistent speed of 5.0 m/s. He then, at that point, speeds up and completes the race at t = 60s.
(I) On Fig. 1.1, draw the distance-time chart for cyclist C.
(ii) Calculate the normal speed of cyclist C for the entire race.

Ans: (a) (I) 60 m
(ii) 12s
(b) (I) straight line from beginning to 200 m at 40s any line straight or bended from (40,200) to (60,500)
(ii) s = d/t or 500/60 = 8.3m/s

Neco Physics Objective Sample Questions;
In the event that a satellite goes at a steady speed round the earth in a roundabout circle,

1. Which of the amounts in the rundown beneath are scalars.
(a) speed increase (b) force (c) mass (e) speed.

2. The speed of the satellite changes, however its speed is steady. State what is implied by speed… … … … … … … … .

3. Clarify why the speed changes… … … … … … … … … … …

4. Clarify what takes this satellite action in a circle that is round

Have a Target and Work Towards Actualizing it 

You have chosen to pass NECO Physics 2022 and I am certain of that. Presently, the following thing you ought to do is set targets.

You have told yourself, “I will score An in Neco Physics 2022”, that is not all. You want to anticipate how to get it going. Make a schedule and ground breaking strategy to accomplish your objectives.

Get the Recommended Textbook on Physics for 2022 NECO Examination
Ordinarily, NECO suggests books for the assessment. In any case, aside from NECO English Literature where certain books are obligatory, you are allowed to utilize any great English Language course reading to plan for NECO 2022 test.

A few course books are more hard to comprehend. On the off chance that you have any subject you are seeing as challenging to comprehend, get a course book that will work on the themes and improve life for you.

Do not Skip Physics Examples and Exercise you Will Come Across While Reading:

Many candidates are attached to skipping practices and even models while concentrating on course readings. Truth be told, we like note pads such a lot of that we could inquire, “would I be able to peruse my scratch pad and pass NECO Physics 2022?” Don’t be frightened of endeavoring practices in Biology. Face the difficulties.

Note: The above questions are possible NECO Physics Questions and Answers, not the genuine inquiries


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