WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers 2022. I may be displaying you  WAEC Animal Husbandry goal and idea repeated questions for unfastened. You will even apprehend how WAEC Animal Husbandry questions are set and plenty of extra exam details.


WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers

The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) is an exam frame in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in May/June and November/December respectively.


1 WAEC Animal Husbandry Objectives and Essay Answers 2022(Expo)


1.2 WAEC Animal Husbandry Theory Answers

1.three PAPER 2 (ESSAY)

2 WAEC Animal Husbandry Essay And Objective 2022 (EXPO)

three Tips on How to Pass WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions

three.0.1 Have a Target and Work Towards Actualizing it 

three.0.2  Get the Recommended Textbook on Animal Husbandry for 2022 WAEC Examination

three.0.three  Do now no longer Skip Animal Husbandry Examples and Exercise you Will Come Across While Reading: 

WAEC Animal Husbandry Objectives and Essay Answers 2022(Expo)

WAEC Animal Husbandry solutions may be published right here at some point of the exam.


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Today’s Animal Husbandry Answers















(i)Keep provision for the doorway of clean air.


(ii)Provide clean, clean water for the birds as a minimum two times daily.


(iii)Adjust the temperature as in keeping with the requirement of the chicks.


(iv)Daily look at the situation of birds and their faces for any type of abnormality.


(v)Keep the brooder in such an area that bloodless wind and rain does now no longer get in.




Deworming is the getting rid or expelling of parasitic worms withinside the birds’ gadget via way of means of giving the birds anthelmintic capsules like dewormer.


(ii)Culling is the identity and elimination of birds that don’t own the characteristics for giving sufficient advantage in go back for his or her culture.



(iii)Debeaking is the partial elimination of the beak of hen to keep away from cannibalism.



(iv)Delousing is described as using any Physical or chemical method to remove lice.




(i)Drooped wings.


(ii)Feather loss (except birds are going thru a herbal moult).


(iii)Abnormal droppings.


(iv)Dull and/or closed eyes




(i) It serves as a supply of income


(ii) It generates top notch meals merchandise which include meat, egg, milk, cheese


(iii) It generates employment opportunities


(iv) It can assist a rustic to generate forex profits thru the export of cattle merchandise.




[Pick Any SIX] (i) Mouth

(ii) Vestibule


(iii) Oesophagus


(iv) Stomach


(v) Small intestine


(vi) Caecum


(vii) Large intestine


(viii) Anus




[Pick Any TWO] (i) It allows in absorption of meals eg: Small intestine

(ii) It allows in secretion of digestive enzymes


(iii) Stomach as a part of alimentary canal secretes gastric juice containing hydrochloric acid which destroys dangerous micro organism withinside the belly.




[Pick Any FOUR] (i) Liver allows with bile production

(ii) Excretion of bilirubin, ldl cholesterol and hormones


(iii) Metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.


(iv) It allows in enzyme activation.


(vi) Storage of glycogen, vitamins, and minerals.


(vii) Synthesis of plasma proteins, which include albumin, and clotting factors


(viii) Blood cleansing and purification




(i) Liver fluke


(ii) Schistosoma




[Piick Any TWO] (i) Goat has four-compartment belly even as rabbits have a monogastric digestive gadget

(ii) Goat posseses reticulum even as it’s miles absence in a rabbit


(iii) Goat has rumen even as rabbit does now no longer.




Scalding: This is the procedure of treating carcasses with warm water or steam to loosen the hair or feather withinside the follicle to useful resource their elimination.




Singeing: This is a prime procedure via way of means of which fur at the pores and skin of the animals are eliminated making the cover of the carcass prepared for intake and additionally evoke flavors withinside the meat which might be applicable to the consumer.




Evisceration: This is a way of autotomy related to the elimination of inner organs utilized by animals as a protective strategy.




[Pick Any FOUR] (i) Media/advertiser

(ii) Exporters


(iii) Wholesaler


(iv) Co-operative society


(v) Market boards


(vi) Retailers




[Pick Any Five] (i)Researching characteristic

(ii)Promotion characteristic


(iii)Production characteristic


(iv)product improvement and control characteristic


(v)Distribution characteristic


(vi)Risk bearing characteristic




(i) Dung stage


(ii) Pasture stage


(iii) Host stage




[pick any two] (i)Selection







Brooding is described because the control of chicks which entails the herbal or synthetic provision of warmth and different important care to chicks till they may be approximately six weeks old




(i) Proper sanitation


(ii) Ensuring of good enough light


(iii) Adequate feeding


(iv) Medication and vaccination




(i) Blood loss which, if substantial, can cause anaemia and death.


(ii) It reasons diarrhoea which, if severe, can lead additionally to death.


(iii) It reduces urge for food of livestock, ensuing in debilitated animals which are extra liable to different sicknesses.


(iv) Internal parasites frequently intervene with digestion and assimilation of meals, inflicting bad growth.




(i) Avoid grazing excessive danger pastures


(ii) Avoid co-grazing



(iii) Regular faecal samples need to be taken from sheep to decide the liver fluke burden at the farm




Artificial insemination is the procedure of amassing sperm cells from a male animal and manually depositing them into the reproductive tract of a female.




(i) There isn’t anyt any want of renovation of breeding bull for a herd; as a result the price of renovation of breeding bull is saved.


(ii) It prevents the unfold of positive sicknesses and sterility because of genital sicknesses


(iii) It will increase the charge of thought


(iv) It allows in keeping the correct breeding records.




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The questions beneathneath aren’t the WAEC 2021 Animal Husbandry Practice Questions. Go thru them and be prepared to attain excessive on your WAEC 2021 Animal Husbandry Examination.


See: WAEC Fishery Questions and Answers



Which of the subsequent merchandise can be acquired from pigs?

I. Bacon

II. Chevon

III. Ham

A. I and II only

B. I and III only

C. II and III only

D. I, II and III


2. Which the subsequent farm animal isn’t always a ruminant?

A. Cattle

B. Sheep

C. Goat

D. Rabbit



three. Male reproductive hormones include

A. oxytocin.

B. oestrogen.

C. relaxin.



4. Which of the subsequent organs is related to excretion in livestock?

A. Pancreas

B. Small intestine

C. Kidney

D. Oesophagus


5. The duration from thought to parturition in cattle is called

A. lactation.

B. fertilization.

C. ovulation.

D. gestation.


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WAEC Animal Husbandry Theory Answers

WAEC Animal Husbandry idea Answers additionally called Essay solutions. This segment calls for that the candidate pick the questions from his or her united states and solution. The numbers of questions required may be stated withinside the examination questions paper.




WAEC Chemistry Questions and Answers

WAEC Physics Questions and Answers

WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers


1. (a) List 3 organs related to every of the subsequent frame systems:

(i) excretory;

(ii) digestive;

(iii) reproductive.

(b) Explain in short the principal characteristic of every gadget named in (1) (a) above

(c) Discuss Newcastle ailment of hen below the subsequent headings:

(i) causative agent;

(ii) symptoms;

(iii) preventive measures.


2. (a) Mention six approaches wherein livestock are crucial to the economic system of West Africa.

(b) (i) State training of livestock.

(ii) Give 3 examples of animals in every elegance said in (b) (i) above

(c) Outline the procedure of egg formation in a hen.


three. (a) Mention seven commercial uncooked substances that would be acquired from livestock.

(b) State seven approaches of being concerned for a pregnant co

(c) Define the subsequent phrases as utilized in animal husbandry:

(i) steaming up;

(ii) dystocia;

(iii) flushing.


WAEC Animal Husbandry Essay And Objective 2022 (EXPO)

The above questions aren’t precisely 2022 WAEC Animal Husbandry questions and solutions however in all likelihood WAEC Animal Husbandry repeated questions and solutions.


These questions are for practice. The 2022 WAEC Animal Husbandry expo may be published in this web page at some point of the WAEC Animal Husbandry exam. Keep checking and clean this web page for the solutions.


Tips on How to Pass WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions

Have a Target and Work Towards Actualizing it 

You have determined to byskip WAEC Animal Husbandry 2022 and I am positive of that. Now, the following issue you need to do is about targets.


You have instructed yourself, “I will rating A in WAEC Animal Husbandry 2022”, that’s now no longer all. You want to plot on the way to make it happen. Create a timetable and grasp plan to attain your goals.


 Get the Recommended Textbook on Animal Husbandry for 2022 WAEC Examination

Normally, WAEC recommends books for the exam. But other than WAEC Literature in English in which positive novels are compulsory, you’re unfastened to apply any correct Animal Husbandry textbook to put together for WAEC 2022 examination.


Some textbooks are extra tough to apprehend. If you’ve got got any subject matter you’re locating tough to apprehend, then get a textbook to be able to simplify the subjects and make lifestyles higher for you.


 Do now no longer Skip Animal Husbandry Examples and Exercise you Will Come Across While Reading: 

Many applicants are keen on skipping sports or even examples such as analysing textbooks. In fact, we adore notebooks so much that we may want to ask, “can I examine my pocket book and skip WAEC Animal Husbandry 2022?” Don’t be fearful of trying sports in Animal Husbandry. Face the challenges.


Note: The above questions are in all likelihood WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers, now no longer the actual questions


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