WAEC Book Keeping Questions and Answers 2022/2023 ( Essay and Objectives)


This might be displaying your WAEC Book Keeping goal and concept repeated questions for unfastened. You may also recognize how WAEC Book Keeping questions are set and plenty of extra exam details.

The West African Examination Council is an exam frame that set questions every year from regions pupils ought to, after their research in senior secondary faculty, be capable of writing and by skip without stress.


PAPER 1: This paper will include 40 multiple-desire questions all of which ought to be replied in 50 mins for forty marks

PAPER 2: This paper will include sections, Sections A and B as follows:

1 WAEC 2022/2023 Book Keeping Answers to Questions

2 WAEC Book Keeping Essay and Objective 2022 (EXPO)

three How to Pass WAEC Book Keeping Examination

WAEC Bookkeeping Answers to OBJ/ESSAY 2022 might be published right here tomorrow, 18th August.


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Stock valuation is the procedure of figuring out the present day (or projected) really well worth of an inventory at a given time period.




(i)it is simple to apply

(ii)the assumed go with the drift of prices corresponds with the regular bodily go with the drift of products.




(i)It is used to account for the maximum currently produced objects as offered first.

(ii)The price of the maximum latest merchandise purchased (or produced) are the primary to be expensed as price of products offered (COGS).


Expense in accounting is the cash spent, or prices incurred, through a commercial enterprise in its attempt to generate revenues. Example: Delivery expense



Revenue is the full quantity of profits generated through the sale of products and offerings associated with the number one operations of the commercial enterprise. Example: Service revenue



Loss is a decrease in internet profits that is outside the regular operations of the commercial enterprise. In different Words, losses can result from some sports. Example: sale of an asset for much less than its sporting quantity.


Capital is the price of the funding withinside the commercial enterprise through the owner(s). It is that a part of the commercial enterprise that belongs to the owner; for this reason it’s miles frequently defined because the owner’s interest. Eg: Financial capital


2021 WAEC Book Keeping (Essay & OBJ) Answers [18th August]

Below is WAEC Book Keeping Questions and Answers Practice questions


1. A announcement drawn up to expose property and liabilities is

A. financial institution announcement.

B. stability sheet.

C. announcement of account.

D. fashionable journal.


2. Discounts allowed and obtained are recorded withinside the

A. 3 Column Cash Book.

B. financial institution Statement.

C. unmarried Column Cash Book.

D. petty Cash Book.


three. Which of the subsequent isn’t always a tribulation stability item?

A. Opening inventory

B. Closing inventory

C. Capital

D. Discounts obtained


4. The extra of expenditure over profits in an profits and expenditure account is

A. loss.

B. stability.

C. deficit

D. profit


WAEC Book Keeping Essay and Objective 2022 (EXPO)

The above questions aren’t precisely 2022 WAEC Book Keeping questions and solutions however in all likelihood WAEC Book-Keeping repeated questions and solutions.


These questions are for exercise. The 2022 WAEC Book Keeping expo might be published in this web page at the day of the WAEC Book Keeping exam. Keep checking and refreshing/reloading this web page for the solutions.



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How to Pass WAEC Book Keeping Examination

1. Have a Positive Mindset:


It is plain that till your mind-set is tremendous, your existence will now no longer be tremendous. As you put together for WAEC, you ought to increase a tremendous mind-set closer to your fate.


Don’t say, “WAEC could be very tough I don’t realize whether or not I will byskip” and don’t agree with all and sundry that asserts you can’t byskip WAEC 2022 for your personal.


Have the mentality, “If others surpassed WAEC 2022 withinside the beyond, then I might be like them. Refuse to be diagnosed with failure or people who failed withinside the beyond.


Even if this year’s WAEC Exam isn’t always your first time, it doesn’t suggest which you can’t byskip WAEC 2022 Book Keeping this time around.


Sit for maths 2022/2023 will a polished mind-set. Nothing will make you fail WAEC 2023. Until your mind-set is tremendous, your existence will now no longer be tremendous.


2. Avoid Bad Companies


If you’re clearly critical approximately passing WAEC 2022 Book Keeping, try to keep away from horrific companies. They will discourage and have interaction with you in sports in order to no longer beautify your success. Remember that their mind-set won’t correspond to yours.


3. Set Good Targets and Plans:


If you’ve got got made up your thoughts to byskip WAEC Book Keeping 2022, the subsequent aspect you ought to do is about targets. Write down the form of grades you need in WAEC 2022. If you need all As, no Fs, and no Es you then definitely ought to begin making plans for it now.


Make sure you create a timetable and grasp plan to acquire your set goals. Remember, it takes not anything to dream; however , it takes the entirety of consciousness for your dream.


4. Get WAEC Book Keeping Recommended Textbooks 2022:

One of your plans ought to be getting the WAEC 2022 Book Keeping endorsed textbooks. Normally, the West African Examination Council recommends books for the exam.


But other than WAEC 2022 literature in English wherein sure novels are compulsory, you’re unfastened to apply any proper textbook to put together for WAEC 2022 advertising exam.

Some subjects are extra tough to recognize. If you’ve got got any subject matter you’re locating tough to recognize, then get any other textbook in order to make matters easy for you.


5. Get WAEC Book Keeping Past Question:


This is a superb plan. Since WAEC 2022 and WAEC 2022 are of the equal standard, you may use the equal beyond inquiries to look at for both.

If you’re careworn approximately a way to get WAEC beyond questions. They are offered in proper bookshops around. It is feasible that the faculty wherein you registered ought to provide to offer you a few present day beyond questions to help you in WAEC 2022.


6. Start Preparing for WAEC Book Keeping 2022:


Stop losing your time. Now which you are becoming textbooks and beyond questions, the subsequent aspect is to start your studying. Early studying and exercise are proper for you; you may byskip properly on WAEC 2022.

7. Avoid Skipping Examples and Exercises:


It could be very unlucky that Secondary faculty college students are keen on skipping sports or even examples even as reading textbooks.


They cherished notebooks a lot that they might ask, “can I study my Book Keeping, Mathematics, and many others notebooks and byskip WAEC 2022?”

Don’t be terrified of trying sports; they’re there to assist you. Face it and conquer it!


8. Test Yourself on WAEC Book Keeping Questions and Answers

This is a great exercise. Once in awhile, solution complete twelve months Book Keeping beyond questions about your personal with out checking the solutions. Then mark to peer your score. This will assist you in lots of aspects.


9. Do Constant Practice:

Don’t get discouraged whilst sure subjects are annoying, maintain on working towards till you grasp the entirety. Never surrender and in no way say in no way. Keep on preserving on….


10. Create Time for Recreation

Create time for yourself wherein you play and relieve stress. Do now no longer overwork yourself; it is able to make you waste time unnecessarily. Once you figure extra than necessary, you aren’t gaining anything.

If you’ve got got any questions on WAEC 2022 Book Keeping Questions and Answers, kindly allow us to realise withinside the remark box.

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