WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers

WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers. I could be displaying you WAEC Data Processing goal and concept repeated questions for unfastened. You may even recognize how WAEC Data Processing questions are set and lots of extra exam details.

waec Data processing solutions

The West African Examination Council is an exam frame that set questions every year from regions scholar have to, after their research in senior secondary college, be capable of write and byskip with out stress.


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The 2022 WAEC Data Processing solutions (Expo) could be published right here today, nineteenth August



(i)Insert the flash power right into a USB port for your laptop.


(ii)With your Microsoft phrase file open, click on the “document” tab and pickstore as.”


(iii)Click the “store in” drop-down menu on the pinnacle of the store as conversation container.


(iv)Navigate to and click on the flash power. the flash power is usually power letter “e” or “f.”


(v)Type the call of your file into the document call discipline and click onstore” to store the document to the flash power.




(i)Navigate to the area wherein you need to create the folder this is the computer of the laptop.


(ii)Hold down the ctrl, shift, and n keys on the equal time.


(iii)Enter your favored folder call this is “assignment”


(iv)Navigate to the area wherein you need to create the folder.


(v)Then store to finish




(i)Open the folder that incorporates the phrase files you need to print.


(ii)Press [ctrl], and pick the documents you need to print. (if the documents are adjacent, pick the primary document withinside the list, press [shift], and pick the closing document withinside the list.)



(iii)Right-click on the selection, and pick print from the shortcut menu.



(iv)Select the favored print alternatives, and click on ok. (the chosen alternatives will follow to all the files.)












(iii)Indirect access






(ii)Not removable


(iii)Random/Direct access








(iii)Indirect access




(Choose any three)


(i)Google Sheets


(ii)Lotus Symphony


(iii)Microsoft Excel


(iv)Open office


(v)Libre Office


(vi)Lotus 1-2-three




(i) On the Basis of Size and Capacity, [Supercomputer, Mainframe, Mini, and Micro Computer].


(ii) On the Basis of Purposes, [General and Special Purpose].


(iii) On the Basis of Hardware Design and Type [Analog, Digital, and Hybrid Computer].






(i) Analog computer systems works with non-stop values or those sorts of structures manner non-stop records.


(ii) Analog laptop has very low or constrained reminiscence and it could keep much less quantity of records.




(i) Digital computer systems works with discrete values or those sorts of structures manner discrete records.


(ii) Digital laptop has very massive reminiscence it could keep massive quantity of records.




(i) Access to statistics


(ii) New tools, new opportunities


(iii) Communication




(i) Guided Media


(ii) Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)




(i)Disk formatting is the configuring manner of a records garage media which include a tough disk power, floppy disk or flash power for preliminary usage.


(ii)Data backup is a replica of laptop records taken and saved some place else in order that it is able to be used to repair the authentic after a records loss event.


(iii)Virus scans: that is the manner wherein antivirus seek via your machine to find and cast off any malicious threats for your tool.




(Choose any four)


(i) it’s far used for intra financial institution transfer


(ii) it’s far used for inter financial institution transfers


(iii) it’s far used to test account balance


(iv) it’s far used for printing of mini announcement of account


(v) it’s far used for financial institution withdrawal




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1 WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers

2 WAEC 2021 Data Processing Theory Questions

three WAEC Data Essay and Objective 2022(EXPO)

four How to Pass WAEC Data Processing Examination

four.0.1 1. Have a Positive Mindset:

four.0.2 2. Avoid Bad Companies

four.0.three three. Set Good Target and Plans:

four.1 four. Get WAEC Data Processing Recommended Textbooks 2022 :

four.1.1 five. Get WAEC Data Processing Past Question:

four.1.2 6. Start Preparing for WAEC Data Processing Questions 2022:

four.1.three 7. Avoid Skipping Examples and Exercises:

four.1.four 8. Test Yourself on WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers

four.1.five 9. Do Constant Practice:

four.1.6 10. Create Time for Recreation

WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers

The Objectives questions could be given to you to pick the proper option, kindly test and examine the questions properly earlier than trying the questions.


1. The first technology computer systems made use of

A. low stage programming language.

B. excessive stage programming language.

C. object-orientated programming language.

D. procedural programming language.


2. Microprocessor changed into used as the principle digital factor of the

A. first technology computer systems.

B. 2nd technology Computers.

C. 0.33 technology computer systems.

D. fourth technology computer systems.


three. The act of manufacturing statistics from figures, textual content or pictures is known as records

A. collation.

B. conversion

C. preparation.

D. processing.


four. The following are number one reassets of statistics besides

A. questienaire

B. publication

C. observation

D. interview.


five. Which of the subsequent elements isn’t always taken into consideration whilst classifying computer systems?

A. Size

B. Type

C. Location

D. Purpose


6. Which of those channels might permit commercial enterprise transactions among a customer from Nigeria and a supplier from Ghana?

A. e-portal

B. e-library

C. e-commeree

D. podcasting


7. The ICT software which enables to remedy street congestion at junctions is

A. computerized teller machine.

B. computerized site visitors marshal.

C. road light.

D. site visitors light.


8. The principal additives of the critical processing unit (CPU) of the laptop are.

A. sign in and reminiscence.

B. manipulate unit and sign in.

C. manipulate unit and At t

D. ALUartdBUS.


9. Stages in records processing cycle consist of the subsequent besides records

A. collation.

B. gathering.

C. parsing.

D. processing.


10. At what level of statistics processing is records validation carried out?

A. Data analysis

B. Data collection

C. Data processing

D. Data summarization


11. The media which permit electromagnetic alerts to be transmitted via unfastened area is thought as

A. unguided media.

B. intranet.

C. guided media.

D. ethemet.


12. Information that stimulates each the senses of listening to and sight is known as

A. audio statistics.

B. audio-visible statistics.

C. video statistics.

D. visible statistics.


13. The following are blessings of networking besides

A. spamming.

B. sharing of resources.

C. communication.

D. backup.



14. Which of the subsequent gadgets might now no longer transmit alerts from one factor to any other?


A. Telephone line

B. Modem

C. Fibre optics

D. Coaxial cable


15. Another time period for Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is

A. internet site deal with.

B. IP deal with


D. records link


WAEC 2021 Data Processing Theory Questions

WAEC Data Processing Past Questions for exercise. Below are the repeated WAEC Data Processing Essay questions. Go via them and get organized for the approaching WAEC exam.


1. (a) (i) What is records model?

(ii) State 3 sorts of records model.


(b) (i) List 3 methods to records modelling.

(ii) Explain any. one technique indexed in l(b)(t).


2.(a) Vera, a secretary tonthe supervisor of her business enterprise is saddled with the duty of typing a personal document. She is likewise advised to insert the phrase. “CONFIDENTIAL” diagonally withinside the historical past of each web page of the document.


(i) State the maximum appropriate software software program wished via way of means of Vera to supply the document.

(ii) What characteristic of the software software program may be used to insert the phrase “CONFIDENTIAL ” as advised?

(iii) Mention one degree that may be taken to make certain the confidentiality of the tender reproduction of the document at the laptop.


(b) Explain the subsequent terms:

(i) icon

(ii) browser


three. (a) Outline the stairs concerned in printing the primary 5 pages of a Word file from the print conversation container on a laptop with printers installed.


(b) Sadiq complained that a pop-up typically seems at the display of his non-public laptop thereby annoying him whilst the use of the laptop.

(i) What is the viable motive of the pop-up?

(ii) State a probable supply of the detail inflicting the pop-up.

(iii) What degree might be essential to forestall the pop-up from reoccurring?


(c) Mr. Aneke is billed to deal with a massive target target market in an auditorium.

(i) What laptop software package deal is appropriate to put together and supply his speech?

(ii) State the output tool that may be used to transmit Mr. Aneke’s speech observe from his laptop to a massive display withinside the auditorium.


(d) Give sorts of laptop network.


WAEC Data Essay and Objective 2022(EXPO)

The above questions aren’t precisely 2022 WAEC Data Processing questions and solutions however in all likelihood WAEC Data Processing repeated questions and solutions and beyond questions.


These questions are for exercise. The 2022 WAEC Data Processing expo could be published in this web page throughout the WAEC Data Processing exam. Keep checking and clean this web page for the solutions.


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How to Pass WAEC Data Processing Examination

1. Have a Positive Mindset:

It is apparent that till your mind-set is nice, your existence will now no longer be nice. As you put together for WAEC, you need to broaden a nice mind-set in the direction of your fate.


Don’t say, “WAEC could be very tough I don’t understand whether or not I will byskip” and don’t agree with each person that asserts you can’t byskip 2022 WAEC Data Processing questions about your personal.


Have the mentality, “If others handed WAEC Data Processing WAEC questions withinside the beyond, then I could be like them. Refuse to be recognized with failure or those who failed withinside the beyond.


Even if this year’s WAEC Exam isn’t always your first time, it doesn’t suggest which you can’t byskip WAEC 2022 Data Processing this time around.


Sit for WAEC Data Processing 2022/2023 with a cultured mind-set. Nothing will make you fail WAEC 2022. Until your mind-set is nice, your existence will now no longer be nice.


2. Avoid Bad Companies

If you’re certainly critical approximately passing WAEC 2022 Data Processing, try to keep away from horrific companies. They will discourage and interact you in sports with a view to now no longer decorate your success. Remember that their mind-set won’t correspond to yours.


three. Set Good Target and Plans:

If you’ve got got made up your thoughts to byskip WAEC Data Processing 2022, the following aspect you have to do is ready targets. Write down the kind of grades you need in WAEC 2022. If you need all As, 0 Fs, and Zero Es then you definitely have to begin making plans it now.


Make positive you create a timetable and grasp plan to reap your set goals. Remember, it takes not anything to dream however it takes the whole thing to awareness for your dream.


four. Get WAEC Data Processing Recommended Textbooks 2022 :

One of your plans have to be getting the WAEC 2021 Data Processing advocated textbooks. Normally, the West African Examination Council recommends books for the exam.


But aside from WAEC 2022 literature in English wherein sure novels are compulsory, you’re unfastened to apply any top textbook to put together for WAEC 2022 Data Processing exam.


Some subjects are extra tough to recognize. If you’ve got got any subject matter you’re locating tough to recognize, then get any other textbook with a view to make matters easy for you.


five. Get WAEC Data Processing Past Question:

This is a superb plan. Since WAEC has the equal standard, you can use the equal beyond inquiries to look at for its exam.


If you’re careworn approximately the way to get WAEC Data Processing beyond questions. They are offered in top bookshops around. It is viable that the college wherein you registered ought to provide to provide you a few contemporary beyond questions to help you in WAEC 2022.


6. Start Preparing for WAEC Data Processing Questions 2022:

Stop losing your time. Now which you are becoming textbooks and beyond questions, the following aspect is to start your studying. Early studying and exercise are top for you; you may byskip properly on WAEC 2022.


7. Avoid Skipping Examples and Exercises:

It could be very unlucky that Secondary college college students are keen on skipping sporting activities or even examples whilst analyzing textbooks.


They cherished notebooks a lot that they might ask, “can I examine my Data Processing, Mathematics, and so forth notebooks and byskip WAEC 2022?”


Don’t be afraid of trying sporting activities; they’re there to assist you. Face it and conquer it!


8. Test Yourself on WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers

This is a superb exercise. Once in a whilst, solution complete three hundred and sixty five days WAEC Data Processing beyond questions about your personal with out checking the solutions. Then mark to look your score. This will assist you in lots of aspects.


9. Do Constant Practice:

Don’t get discouraged whilst sure subjects are annoying, hold on practising till you grasp the whole thing. Never supply up.


10. Create Time for Recreation

Create time for your self wherein you play and simplicity off stress. Do now no longer overwork your self; it could make you waste time unnecessarily. Once you figure extra than essential, you aren’t gaining anything.

If you’ve got got any questions on WAEC 2022 Data Processing Questions and Answers, kindly allow us to understand withinside the remark container.V

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