WAEC GCE Geography Questions and Answers 2021/2022 (Essay and Objectives)

WAEC GCE Civic Education expo

The West African Examination Council is an exam frame that set questions yearly from regions pupil have to, after their research withinside the senior secondary school, be capable of write and byskip with out stress.

WAEC GCE Geography solutions and questions Objectives and Essay could be furnished right here and the authenticity of this WAEC GCE 2021 Geography answers to questions has been examined and showed to be certain.


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1 WAEC GCE Geography Questions and Answers 2021 (EXPO)

1.1 How To Pass WAEC GCE Geography Examination

1.1.1 1. Be Determined to Pass

1.1.2 2. Have self-self assurance

1.1.three three. Start Studying Early

1.1.four 2. Make Use the WAEC GCE 2020 Syllabus

1.1.five three. Pray to God Your creator

1.1.6 four. Adhere to tests instructions.

1.1.7 five. Use Your Time Wisely.

1.1.eight 6. Be punctual to the exam venue

WAEC GCE Geography Questions and Answers 2021 (EXPO)

The 2021 WAEC GCE Geography expo could be published right here at some point of the 2021 WAEC GCE Geography exam. Keep checking and reloading this web page for the solutions.


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Today’s WAEC GCE Geography Answers:


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Note: The solutions under are the 2020 Nov/Dec solutions. The 2021 January/February solutions will quickly be published.








No (1b)


1.  Setup expenses


As is the case in any commercial enterprise, the preliminary expenses of putting in place the enterprise are very excessive. You have to, therefore, be organized to spend in locating the place, workers, buying the vital equipment or even paying the specified authorities. You have to additionally calculate the expenses had to keep the enterprise earlier than it begins offevolved producing profit.


2.   Location of the Industry


The place you pick out for the enterprise have to be near sufficient to the reassets of your uncooked substances and additionally now no longer too a ways out of your goal marketplace. This will assist in decreasing the expenses incurred in delivery expenses and additionally make certain that your merchandise are nevertheless sparkling after they hit the marketplace. Ensure that there’s good enough infrastructure consisting of exact roads and rails close by for smooth mobility.


3.   Demand in your Products


Choosing the proper product for manufacturing is the important thing to a a success commercial enterprise. Therefore, earlier than beginning the enterprise, make certain which you have carried out good enough studies on the goods withinside the marketplace and feature observed an opening wherein which you could fill. Producing merchandise which are already flooded withinside the marketplace will best bring about losses in your enterprise.


4.  Good Workers and Experienced Partners


As a small startup enterprise, you may want the assist of different skilled enterprise individuals that will help you sell your product and enhance your dominance withinside the marketplace. You have to, therefore, make certain which you pick out accurately who you’ll companion and make certain that they’ve a very good popularity withinside the marketplace and were withinside the commercial enterprise for a protracted time.


5.   Legalities and Licenses


When beginning the enterprise, make certain which you are aware about each authority that can be worried withinside the method and clean with every of them. Make certain which you have understood each regulation in region concerning the development of producing industries in that nation or country, and that you could meet all their requirements.


Pick any four




(i)United States Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport.


(ii)China Beijing Capital International Airport


(iii)United States Los Angeles International Airport.


(iv)United Arab Emirates Dubai International Airport.




(i)High Speed: It is the quick pace approach of delivery. Passengers and items may be transported without difficulty from one region to the different.


(ii)Minimum Cost: Unlike railways and street delivery, there’s no want to invest in the development of any music or street, best airports need to be constructed.


(iii)Strategic Importance: An airway has remarkable strategic importance. It may be used for inner and outside security


(iv)Easy delivery of pricey and mild items; It is pretty handy to ship pricey, mild and perishable items via air delivery.




(i) rugged terrain: a few terrain are difficult as they undulate thereby make production of railway hard


(ii)steep slopes: wherein the gradient is steep, it’s miles hard for trains to climb;


(iii)soil/landslides: the land in a few regions are prone to falling thereby blockading the railway;


(iv)presence of many rivers: on terrains wherein rivers are numerous, the value of building railways is excessive



(i)High dependency ratio main to low charge of financial savings and investment.

(ii)High populace boom charge because of excessive delivery charge and decreased loss of life charge.

(iii)Rapid charge of urbanization because of rural-city migration because of loss of social facilities withinside the rural regions.

(iv)High charge of unemployment because of loss of industries and excessive populace boom.



(i)Abundant sources: Since the humans are few in such localities, they represent an abundance of untapped sources which may be applied withinside the close to future.


(ii)Ease of making plans: With few humans to take care of, it’ll be less complicated for authorities to plot for the populace.


(iii)Low environmental pollution: Since humans in low populace density regions aren’t much, then, the whole amount of waste generated is small and may be without difficulty managed.



(i)Increase in Unemployment:

With speedy boom in low populace density, the maximum daunting undertaking in Nigeria is to offer employment now no longer best to the developing labour pressure each year, however additionally to lessen the backlog of the unemployed from the preceding years.


(ii) Low Quality of Life:

The hastily developing in low populace density has stored the excellent of existence of the bulk of Indians at a completely low level. In different phrases humans missing get right of entry to to fitness offerings and secure water and the proportion of youngsters beneathneath 5 who’re fairly or significantly underweight.


(iii)Environmental Degradation: low populace density is a main supply of environmental degradation withinside the international Population influences the surroundings via using herbal sources and manufacturing of wastes.



(i) Distance from the sea

(ii) Latitude

(iii) Planetary wind and strain belts

(iv) Altitude and remedy



(i) Long and heavy wet season: This wet season begins offevolved in overdue March and keeps as much as the give up of July. The rainiest, height length is in June and influences maximum elements of southern Nigeria. More than 85% humidity and moist wet climate in maximum southern elements of Nigeria is determined at some point of this season.


(ii) Short wet season: This wet season could be very brief and may be referred to as an “August break”. It lasts from early September to mid-October and reaches its height length on the very give up of September. The brief rains aren’t as heavy as the ones visible at some point of the lengthy wet season.


(iii) Wet and lengthy wet season: The moist season lasts from June to September at some point of which the quantity and period of rainfall will increase from the south to the north of the country. The rains at some point of the moist season are generally heavy and brief, observed with storms.






(i) Agricultural importance: Rain is immensely critical to agriculture. Where there’s a dilemma in water deliver the plant life do now no longer broaden as they have to. The water is important for the protection of physiological and chemical methods that takes region inside plant structures.


(ii) Source of energy: Rain enables energy deliver via hydropower eg Kainji Dam locatedacross the Niger River in Niger State.


(iii) Source of water for ingesting: Rain is wanted for ingesting due to the fact it may end up as a supply of sparkling water. Humans require water to survive, as water is wanted for us to live hydrated. Plants and animals also are closely depending on it to thrive and survive.





(i)beneficial weather for animal rearing e.g. and coffee relative humidity.


(ii)rolling/undulating plain; domestic of the Fulani – conventional farm animals rearers and shortage of tsetse fly.


(iii)good enough pasture/savanna grassland and excessive call for for farm animals and its merchandise.



(i)unreliable and scanty rainfall and presence of tsetse fly in a few regions


(ii)insufficient capsules and vaccines and overgrazing of pasture.


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The questions under aren’t precisely 2021 WAEC GCE Geography questions and solutions however in all likelihood WAEC GCE Geography repeated questions and solutions.


These questions are strictly for practice. The 2021 WAEC GCE Geography expo could be published in this web page at the day of the WAEC GCE Geography exam. Keep checking and reloading this web page for the solutions.



1. a) Highlight any 3 major traits of every of the subsequent agreement types:

i) village;

ii) town.


b) State any 4 elements which might be answerable for the boom of city centres.


2. a) Define the subsequent populace terms:

i) census;

ii) mortality charge;


b) own circle of relatives making plans.Outline any 3 troubles confronting a rustic this is overpopulated.


c) Highlight any 3 approaches with the aid of using which the trouble of overpopulation may be solved.


three. Write a geographical description of Chad Basin beneathneath the subsequent:


a) remedy and drainage;

b) humans, populace and agreement;

c) financial activities;

d) troubles of development.


four. (a) Draw an define map of Africa. On the map, display and name:

(i) any 3 rivers critical for producing hydroelectricity;

(ii) any dams on of the rivers.


(b) Outline any 5 blessings of hydroelectric energy to the humans of Africa.




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How To Pass WAEC GCE Geography Examination

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is a frame in rate of the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. The Certificate provided right here is a completely critical credential that awards or certify the of of entirety of your Secondary School Education.


It is a main record that qualifies you into any tertiary organization and similarly a main component affecting admission today.


For this reason, each Student making ready for this exam WAEC GCE 2021 is making ready for some thing remarkable.


Care have to be taken whilst collaborating on this exam in different now no longer to pop out with terrible grades. The following are the important thing solutions to WAEC GCE Geography 2021.


1. Be Determined to Pass

The WAEC GCE 2021 Geography is specifically for the ones who’ve made up their thoughts to byskip it with a very good grade.


Any candidate who, at this factor in time, has now no longer made up his or her thoughts to make the first-rate grade withinside the drawing close WAEC GCE 2021 Geography is surely now no longer equipped to byskip.


Your thoughts have to be equipped for the undertaking ahead, do now no longer observe lazy buddies who trust in a miracle at the day of the tests, live nice and take a look at your books.


2. Have self-self assurance

Self-self assurance is every other component that influences a candidate’s performance. Promise to do all of it with the aid of using your self and the whole thing will pop out quite simple for you.


It is a famous reality that many college students cancel the proper solutions simply to duplicate the incorrect ones due to a loss of self-self assurance. Study and pray difficult and you’re the miracle for the day.


three. Start Studying Early

Studying could be very critical for your existence as a pupil. WAEC GCE is a completely easy Exam to cope with so long as research are worried. Studying is one element and reading on time is every other element entirely.


Do now no longer look ahead to the WAEC GCE 2021 Geography tests to be so near earlier than you begin reading for it. Late practise will now no longer sincerely assist you. When you begin reading early there could be time as a way to revise earlier than the tests.


2. Make Use the WAEC GCE 2020 Syllabus

Using the WAEC GCE 2021 syllabus could be very important because it will manual you on primary subjects to cover. Studying with out the Syllabus will make you awareness on needless subjects on the way to now no longer seem withinside the tests.


Also, maximum of the Geography subject matter you haven’t carried out in elegance are there withinside the WAEC GCE syllabus.


three. Pray to God Your creator

Many assume that they could do all of it on my own with out God. The Almighty God is your creator, are looking for His help and He will by no means fail that will help you. Your religion in God determines your success. God is there for you, name upon Him.


four. Adhere to tests instructions.

Any pupil who isn’t always equipped to stick to the exam conducts is making plans to fail. The majority of WAEC Candidates which have their end result held are from people who have been now no longer equipped to observe the Exam instructions.


five. Use Your Time Wisely.

It is a famous reality that WAEC GCE Geography map-analyzing desires lots of time, control the little time given to you accurately. Consider the wide variety of questions you’re to reply and the time given so you can time accurately.


6. Be punctual to the exam venue

Punctuality subjects at some point of the tests. Go to the examination venue early in order that your mind can accept the undertaking. Rushing to the examination corridor will make you volatile for the examination and might inclined you to such a lot of mistakes.


Take time to undergo the examination query paper earlier than you begin answering. WAEC GCE Geography Questions and Answers

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