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The West African Examination Council is an exam frame that set questions yearly from regions pupil ought to, after their research in senior secondary faculty, be capable of write and byskip with out stress.


WAEC Literature in English solutions and questions Objectives and Essay are handled right here in detail.


And the authenticity of this WAEC 2022 Literature answers to questions were examined and showed to be sure.


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1 WAEC Literature Questions and Answers 2022

1.1 Drama and Poetry

2 WAEC Literature Essay and Objective 2022 (EXPO)

2.1 How To Pass WAEC Literature in English

2.1.1 1. Be Determined to Pass

2.1.2 2. Have self-self assurance

2.1.three three. Start Studying Early

2.1.four 2. Make Use the WAEC 2022 Syllabus

2.1.five three. Pray to God Your creator

2.1.6 four. Adhere to tests instructions.

2.1.7 five. Use Your Time Wisely.

2.1.eight 6. Be punctual to the exam venue

three WAEC Literature Recommended Books and Novels for 2022 WAEC Literature Examination

WAEC Literature Questions and Answers 2022

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Note: The solutions beneath are for 2021




(9)“Rage” is personified during the poem. It is viable that the poet does this intentionally to underline this reality: Rage is the “leader” architect of guy’s issues in this earth. And, with the aid of using extension, bad feelings represent a effective pressure in our lives. This is why they have to be prevented in any respect fee earlier than they wreck us. Rage, anger or hatred handiest serve to deprive the man or woman of the matters he maximum desires. Rage is sort of a raider. It will thieve the laughter, the, peace and calmness, sweetness and, indeed, all mild from you in case you permit it an area to your coronary heart and thoughts. In different phrases, rage is the thief or “raider” continually lurking across the nook to rob us of our desires for a existence of contentment. Like corrosive acid, rage is toxic. It eats away the treasures of happiness that each one human beings paintings so tough to achieve. In effect, all human struggling may be attributed to guy’s incapacity to rid himself of darkish feelings like anger, jealousy and hatred and to update them with love.Rage brings not anything apart from trouble. 


Section D


11.AlliterationOne of the substantial figurative gadgets used on this poem is alliteration. By alliteration, one refers back to the repetition of consonant sounds at the start of various phrases at the equal line. A golden instance of this withinside the poem may be observed in line four, wherein the poetic personality says, ‘of a fresh, following and folded rank’. In those strains, there may be the repetition of the sound /f/. any other instance may be observed in line eight, wherein the poetic personality says, ‘wind-wandering weed-winding bank’.RepetitionRepetition seems in special dimensions on this poem. On the surface, there may be the repetition of phrases. The repetition every so often happens from one line to the alternative or in a single line by myself. For instance, in strains 1-2, the poetic personality ends the primary line with ‘quelled’ and starts offevolved the subsequent line with ‘quelled’ again. This repetition of the equal phrases in special strains might be geared toward displaying the connection among the 2 strains.AssonanceThe repetition of comparable or same inner vowel sounds – in particular in harassed syllables – in collection of close by phrases have been utilized by the poetic personality.


Drama and Poetry


(Number 1)

Yoko is portrayed as a beautiful, ambitious, and brave lady who joins an all-male mystery society (the dreaded Poro society) and therefore loses her proper to motherhood, aleven though now no longer to her sexuality. She is aware of now no longer every body is satisfied that she is the leader of Kpa-Mende, in particular her brother Lamboi.


Ruler of Mende Chiefdom who’s defined to have a mind crafted from music. She desires to inherit the chiefdom of Senehun after her husband does now no longer enchantment to her. Her insistence at having manipulate of her area and combating a way of life set-up that has no attention for girls as rulers, she needs to be difficult and insolent to push her schedule thru.

Being a visionary who willingly offers up the privilege of childbearing for the main chieftaincy identify in all of Kpa-Mende, she is inclined to disprove the parable of lady inferiority. Kargbo has performed a notable process of portraying Yoko as an outstanding ruler of heroic proportions. Indeed, the anciental Yoko turned into not anything quick of the heroic gift Yoko as a complicated determine whose female comportment, sensuality, and splendor promoted her amongst girls, however whose fearless soul and unrestrained ambition made her to equipped and visionary chief amongst her adult males counters. It is a painful recognition for Yoko that each one this whilst she turned into getting used and now she is being humiliated


WAEC Lit in English Obj








(2)Adah’s tale starts offevolved whilst she is ready 8 years old, whilst she develops a dream to visit the United Kingdom. (Though she does now no longer realize her genuine age, she does realize that she “fe[els] 8” and turned into born at some stage in World War II.) As a Nigerian girl, but, she have to conquer boundaries located upon her gender. She fights to be despatched to highschool, as training is visible as useless for girls. Adah takes it upon herself to move to highschool one day; thereafter, she is permitted to wait faculty together along with her more youthful brother, Boy, at an steeply-priced personal organization. In different phrases She is allowed to preserve to pursue an training in order that her own circle of relatives can price a higher “bride-price.” Adah wins a scholarship for excessive faculty that consists of room and board, so she actions out of her uncle’s house. Soon, aleven though she desires to preserve analyzing. She comes to a decision she can be able to need to marry. Her mom and others withinside the network were encouraging Adah to keep in mind suitors for a while already, however Adah did now no longer need to marry a miles older guy. She in the end marries Francis Obi, a younger guy who’s analyzing accounting and can’t have enough money her bride-price. Adah lives with Francis and his parents, with whom she receives alongside well. She begins offevolved a terrific process on the American Consulate however is dismayed to find out that she can be the handiest one operating to aid the own circle of relatives. She quick will become pregnant together along with her first children: a daughter, Titi, and a son, Vicky. While Adah is pregnant for the second one time, a plan is conceived for Francis to look at in England; Adah has shared her dream with Francis and he ultimately has the same opinion that they are able to pursue it.




The text, Invisible Man depicts the charismatic & domineering persona of a anonymous narrator dated lower back to the 20th centuries withinside the u.s. of america wherein his fact is surreal & he can handiest survived thru pretense

In the text, Mary is a motherly determine for the narrator, a worrying mom who offer food & safe haven for the narrator in instances of want even the narrator feels indebted to Mary no matter locating her bothersome from time to time

In the text, Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man makes use of Mary to deliver his literary taxonomy thru his fantastically penned illustrations as Mary serves as one buddy who the narrator entrusted his self assurance in. She is a wreck from society as she lets in him to relaxation and accumulate his energy till he can get lower back up on his personal feet. She is sort of a mom to him

Invisible Man depicts Mary as a kind & motherly lady who sees masses of potentials for the narrator to make a contribution to racial progress, and her flaw is that she talks to a whole lot in keeping with the narrator. She takes the narrator in after his disastrous stint as a lab test and by no means ask questions on rent.

Mary but may be visible as an illuminator to the narrator withinside the tale. She additionally has excessive beliefs telling the narrator that some thing he does, ought to be a “credit score to the race”

What Ralph Ellison’s texts is making an attempt to deliver to the examine is that Mary represents each mom and non secular manual for the narrator. Here, she prepares the narrator for his access into the segregated society, a society that sees a person being invisible becos of his persona: his essence in equal society and the want to reclaim his invisibility lower back then withinside the u.s. of america

In the tale, Mary portrays the man or woman of a sturdy lady and unbiased who feels the narrator desires to do some thing to find out his innate abilities & identification in that societal decadence.

In the very last analysis, you may inferred that Mary is a survivor who represents the braveness and dignity of the black lady. Although she isn’t always primarily based totally on any precise historic man or woman, she is a lady withinside the subculture of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, or Mary McCloud Bethune. 



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The questions beneath are for practice.


1. Which of the subsequent is not unusualplace to all varieties of literature?


A) language


B) chorus


C) action


D) narrator


2. The 3 principal varieties of literature are


A) tragedy,comedy, tragi-comedy


B) poetry,drama,folktales


C) drama,lyric,prose fiction


D) poetry, drama, prose


three. Beauty in poetry relies upon especially on


expression and rhythm

period and theme

vowels and consonants

temper and verse form

four. Read the extract beneath and solution this query.


But the towering earth turned into bored with sitting in a single position. She moved, suddenly, and the homes crumbled, the mountains heaved horribly, and the paintings of one million years turned into lost. The essential determine of speech withinside the above extracts is








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WAEC Literature Essay and Objective 2022 (EXPO)

The above questions aren’t precisely 2022 WAEC Literature questions and solutions however in all likelihood WAEC Literature repeated questions and solutions.


These questions are for practice. The 2022 WAEC Literature in English expo can be published in this web page these days at some stage in the WAEC Literature exam. Keep checking and reloading this web page for the solutions.



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Today’s WAEC Literature Answers:


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How To Pass WAEC Literature in English

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is a frame in price of the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. The Certificate presented right here is a totally crucial credential that awards or certify the final touch of your Secondary School Education.


It is a first-rate record that qualifies you into any tertiary organization and similarly a first-rate element affecting admission these days.


For this reason, Every Student getting ready for this exam WAEC 2022 is getting ready for some thing great.


Care ought to be taken whilst taking part on this exam in different now no longer to pop out with awful grades. The following are the important thing solutions to  WAEC Literature 2022.


1. Be Determined to Pass

The WAEC 2022 Literature is especially for the ones who’ve made up their thoughts to byskip it with a terrific grade.


Any candidate who, at this factor in time, has now no longer made up his or her thoughts to make the splendid grade withinside the impending WAEC 2022 Literature is sincerely now no longer equipped to byskip.


Your thoughts ought to be equipped for the mission ahead, do now no longer observe lazy buddies who agree with in a miracle at the day of the tests, live advantageous and look at your books.


2. Have self-self assurance

Self-self assurance is any other element that impacts a candidate’s performance. Promise to do all of it with the aid of using your self and the whole thing will pop out quite simple for you.


It is a famous reality that many college students cancel the proper solutions simply to replicate the incorrect ones due to a loss of self-self assurance. Study and pray tough and you’re the miracle for the day.


three. Start Studying Early

Studying could be very crucial to your existence as a pupil. WAEC is a totally easy Exam to cope with so long as research are involved. Studying is one component and analyzing on time is any other component entirely.


Do now no longer anticipate the WAEC 2022 Literature tests to be so near earlier than you begin analyzing for them. Late instruction will now no longer genuinely assist you. When you begin analyzing early there can be time with a view to revise earlier than the tests.


2. Make Use the WAEC 2022 Syllabus

Using the WAEC 2022 syllabus could be very crucial because it will manual you on principal subjects to cover. Studying with out the Syllabus will make you awareness on useless subjects with a purpose to now no longer seem withinside the tests.


Also, maximum of the arithmetic subject matter you haven’t performed in elegance is there withinside the WAEC syllabus.


three. Pray to God Your creator

Many assume that they are able to do all of it by myself with out God. The Almighty God is your creator, searching for His help and He will by no means fail to assist you. Your religion in God determines your success. God is there for you, name upon Him.


four. Adhere to tests instructions.

Any pupil who isn’t always equipped to stick to the exam conducts is making plans to fail. The majority of WAEC Candidates which have their end result held are from people who have been now no longer equipped to observe the Exam instructions.


five. Use Your Time Wisely.

It is a famous reality that WAEC literature needs loads of time, manipulate the little time given to you wisely. Consider the range of questions you’re to reply and the time given so you can time wisely.


6. Be punctual to the exam venue

Punctuality topics at some stage in the tests. Go to the examination venue early in order that your mind can accept the mission. Rushing to the examination corridor will make you volatile for the examination and may inclined you to such a lot of mistakes.


Take time to undergo the examination query paper earlier than you begin answering. WAEC literature-in-English Questions and Answers


WAEC Literature Recommended Books and Novels for 2022 WAEC Literature Examination

African Prose


AmmaDarko – Faceless

BayoAdebowale – Lonely Days.

Non-African Prose


Richard Wright – Native Son

Patience Swift – The Last Goodman

*William Shakespeare – OTHELLO.

Non-African Drama


Oliver Goldsmith – She Stoops to conquer

Lorraine Hansberry – A Raisin withinside the Sun.

African Drama


Frank Ogodo Ogbeche – Harvest of Corruption

Dele Charley – The Blood of a Stranger.

African Poetry


Birago Drop – Vanity

Gbemisola Adeoti – Ambush

Gabriel Okara – Piano and Drums

Gbanabam Hallowell – The Dinning Table

Lenrie Peter – The Panic of Growing Older

Kofi Awoonor – The Anvil and the Hammer.

Non-African Poetry


Alfred Tennyson – Crossing the Bar

George Herbert – The pulley

William Blake – The School Boy

William Morris – The Proud King

Robert Frost Birches – Birches

William Shakespeare – Shall I examine thee to a Summer’s Day?



The Unseen Prose passage for Paper 1 will be approximately 120 – a hundred and fifty phrases long.

Only context questions will be set at the Shakespearean text. The context questions will take a look at such objects as theme, characterization, fashion and placing withinside the Shakespearean text.

No essay query will be set at the Shakespearean text.

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